Twenty Panoramas of Opuhi

Chris King

All but the second are circular 360 degree panoramas and each is huge - up to 24,000 pixels wide

Sep 2005

Apr 2006

May 2006

Aug 2006

Northland Coastline to Bream Head Sep 2006

With Eyal, Lauren and Rotem Dec 2006

April 2007

Tiny clouds on the horizon Aug 2007

With Sean, Lorien and Rohan at the very top of our highlands at 'Stonehenge', beyond the highly visible Opuhi peak 2007

Sunset and Full Moon Rising, with Christine Dec 2009

Pale Shadows of our Former Selves Apr 2010

Cloudy with fairer weather over the Gulf Dec 2010

Drought conditions Mar 2013

Dry sunset Mar 2013

Midnight moonlight 20 Apr 2013

Late afternoon 14 Apr 2014

Morning 15 Apr 2014

Rain Storms over the Ocean Evening 19 Apr 2015

Intense Morning 20 Apr 2015