Dhushara Research - Strategy and Purpose

The central purpose of Dhushara Research is to maintain a cutting-edge scientific description of reality, particularly in relation to biological life and subjective consciousness, which is optimally conducive to human and natural survival, facilitating a 'soft-landing' in terms of human impact for the closing circle of the biosphere, transcending traditional religious imperatives. This program maintains several central articles which are continuously updated in real time as new research emerges, as indicated by their genotype.

  1. Quantum Reality and Cosmology overviews quantum entanglement and the cosmological processes shaping both the fundamental wave-particle forces of nature and the universe at large.
  2. Biocosmology overviews discovering how life emerges as an interactive consequence of cosmological symmetry-breaking of the fundamental forces, with combined astronomical, chemical, and biological evidence for a fractal informational phase transition to replicative life.
  3. Tree of Life: Tangled Roots and Sexy Shoots traces the genetic and evolutionary pathways from the last universal common ancestor of life on Earth to Homo sapiens, emphasizing the role of evolution in the diversification of life and conscious intelligence.
  4. Subjective consciousness becomes the next major focus:
    1. Space, Time and Consciousness looks at subjective consciousness and its consequences in a general overview.
    2. The Central Enigma of Consciousness focuses on the hard problem of subjective experience in relation to brain science.
    3. Entheogens, the Conscious Brain and Existential Reality researches how subjective experience is modulated by mind-altering substances, complemented by Twelve Sacred Plants.
    4. The Cosmology of Conscious Mental States ties these together in a common perspective.
  5. Threats to human and natural survival are investigated - Planetary Ecocrisis, Nuclear Holocaust and Reproductive Technology.
  6. Sexual Paradox: Reproductive Conflict and Human Emergence examines the emergence of humanity in terms of its high degree of sexual polarization and ensuring reproductive conflict :
    1. The Entanglements of Biological Sex looks at sexual biology and sexual polarization.
    2. Sexual Paradox in the Brain examines sexual differences in terms of the human brain and brain function.
    3. Humanity's Evolutionary Heritage looks at our primate and hominin origins and our genetic emergence.
    4. Culture out of Africa examines our cultural origins in founding African peoples from the mitochondrial Eve and Y-chromosome Adam.
    5. Emergence of Civilization and the Fall overviews how reproductive conflict has given rise to major patriarchal cultural and religious traditions.
    6. Religious traditions and their imposition of patriarchal sexual imperatives are examined in detail in several further chapters of Sexual Paradox.
  7. Transcending Religion: Two key articles deal with complementing the scientific description in enlightened human decision-making protecting the planet and its living generations.
    1. Nature, Violence, Consciousness, Sexuality and World Religion overviews the conflicts and contradictions arising from religious imperatives. It is a critiquie of traditional religious descriptions and the often violent realities they try to impose on humanity, and women in particular, in conflict with human survival as a species.
    2. The Resplendence Codex resolves this existential crisis by outling a prospective Tao or way of life complementary to the natural description, healing the biosphere, entitled resplendence for its verdant reflowering of natrual diversity. Resplendence provides resolution in a comprehensive view of reality and the meaning and purpose of life, complementing science and nature.

Resplendence is a cross-generational way of life, transcending the implicit bondage of religion, while complementing the scientific description of reality and nature in a way which is conducive to human survival and the survival of life's diversity in a resplendent paradaisical climax biosphere.