Planetary Biocrisis
A Real Time Research Documentary on Mass Extinction and Call for Action
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This page maintains a real-time update of human impact on the biosphere, focused on global warming and catastrophic climate change,
species extinction, deforestation, habitat loss, population and other issues, so that the reader can keep pace with the emerging situation.

This is a situation we are all very well aware of and it is critical to the future of Earth and the viablility of humanity as a species
that every single one of us makes it our prime and central aim in life to personally ensure that the world remains naturally resilient,
to provide future generations with a reasonable prospect of continued survival. Action is absolutely essential and urgent!!

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Use these only for genuine research purposes. The password is


Comparison of the evolution of the universe from the big bang and the evolution of life shows that life on Earth has existed for a full third of the universes lifetime and can thus be considered a long-term stable feature of cosmic evolution. Astronomical events, including impacts and possibly also nearby supernovae, have always played a major role in causing mass extinctions, accompanied by ensuing volcanism possibly as a secondary consequence of the impacts themselves. However the advent of global human impact on the biosphere is threatening in the next century to cause a mass extinction more serious than the extinction event that wiped out the dinosaurs. This process is caused both by direct impacts such as deforestation and habitat destruction, by the effects of potentially irreversible climate crisis, the sheer effects of population explosion and by genetically modifying the very species upon which we depend, without conserving their naturally viable forms, so that our future becomes brittle and fragile, dependent on maintaining artificial growing environments and high-tech food distribution processes which would be disabled globally by the slightest of astronomical disturbances, leading directly towards human extinction. For a single species to cause a mass extinction of life's diversity, possibly lasting 10 million years in one or two centuries is thus terminal folly. This folly is compounded by the ever increasing ecomnomc and medical value biological resources have in the genetic epoch. There is thus a paramount need for us to rediscover our relationship with the natural universe and to take the responsibility to regenerate genetic and biological diversity to sustain our own future generations.

Species Diversity and Species Extinction

  1. Catastrophic warning about the fate of humanity is given by 15,000 scientists – human destruction of the natural world will lead to misery and an irretrievably mutilated planet 2017
  2. Research article: Biological annihilation via the ongoing sixth mass extinction signaled by vertebrate population losses and declines 2017 pwd= Beyond global species extinctions, Earth is experiencing a huge episode of population declines and extirpations, which will have negative cascading consequences on ecosystem functioning and services vital to sustaining civilization. We describe this as a "biological annihilation" to highlight the current magnitude of Earth's ongoing sixth major extinction event. PNAS doi:10.1073/pnas.1704949114
  3. Asiatic cheetahs on the brink of extinction with only 50 left alive 2017 Sumatran rhino 'hanging on by a thread' 2017
  4. Earth's sixth mass extinction event already under way, scientists warn 2017 Mass extinctions 'offer cautionary tale'
  5. Sixth mass extinction of wildlife also threatens global food supplies 2017
  6. A third of animals are vanishing as roads spread through forests 2017
  7. The North Atlantic right whale faces extinction 2017 Sumatran tigers fall 17 per cent and have just two strongholds 2017
  8. Two kiwi species no longer endangered in new Red List 2017
  9. Why Buddhist 'fangsheng' mercy release rituals can be more cruel than kind 2017
  10. Amazon study discovers 381 new species in two-year period 2017
  11. World's largest marine protected area declared in Antarctica 2017 Major fishing nations agree Arctic moratorium 2017 Mexico creates huge national park to protect marine life 2017
  12. Australia to ax support for long-term ecology sites Australian government to roll back marine protections 2017
  13. Saving the 'god of ugly things': New Zealand battles to bring back its rodent-sized insects 2017
  14. Rare, elusive, endangered yellow-eyed penguin 'slipping towards extinction' 2017
  15. Majority of primate species may vanish in next 25 to 50 years 2017
  16. Vaquita
    The Business of Extinction CNN 2017

    Last-ditch attempt to save world's most endangered porpoise gets go-ahead 2017
    Vaquita rescuers 'heartbroken' by death of captured porpoise
  17. Sound of crickets 'could become a thing of the past' 201
  18. Chimpanzees among 33 breeds selected for special protection 2017
  19. Biodiversity betrayal as nations fail miserably on conservation 2016
  20. Researchers warn of dangers to mankind of declining biodiversity 2016
  21. Wildlife in decline: Earth's vertebrates fall 58% in past four decades 2016
  22. Hundreds more species than we thought might be endangered 2016
  23. Cheetahs heading towards extinction as population crashes 2016
  24. African forest elephants face extinction from poaching and low birth rate 2016
  25. The plan to ban fishing in more than half the world's oceans 2016
  26. World's largest marine reserve hailed as diplomatic breakthrough 2016
  27. Giraffes facing 'silent extinction' as population plunges 2016
  28. Hundreds of endangered wild snow leopards are killed each year 2016
  29. New data shows 'staggering' extent of great ape trade 2016
  30. Concern over falling kea numbers in New Zealand 2016
  31. The ravages of guns, nets and bulldozers IUCN Nature 2016 password "model"
  32. Coral bleaching spreads to Maldives, devastating spectacular reefs 2016
  33. Great Barrier Reef: Bleaching 'kills 35% of area's coral' 2016
  34. Many Amazon trees endangered 2015
  35. A fifth of all plants threatened as habitats shrink worldwide 2016
  36. Indonesian man arrested as 650 pangolins found dead in freezers 2016
  37. World's smallest porpoise 'at the edge of extinction' as illegal gillnets take toll 2016
  38. Why elephants are seeking refuge in Botswana 2016 Kenya sets fire to huge ivory stockpile 2016
  39. Illegal wildlife trade campaign enlists tourists 2016
  40. Just 7% of Australia's Great Barrier Reef escapes bleaching 2016
  41. Rhino poaching: Another year, another grim record 2016
  42. India's maverick 'frog man' 2016
  43. Australian mammals on brink of 'extinction calamity' 2015
  44. Snow leopards face 'new climate change threat' 2015
  45. Earth 'entering new extinction phase' 2015
  46. Snail's demise suggests sixth mass extinction is under way 2015
  47. Coral worldwide threatened by bleaching 2015
  48. Marine population halved since 1970 2015
  49. IUCN Red List shows many species are in decline 2015
  50. 40% of Europe's sharks and rays face extinction, says IUCN 2015
  51. 'Nearly half' of Mozambique's elephants killed in five years 2015
  52. Mozambique lion numbers 'grow as elephants poached' 2015
  53. Tiger-trade crackdown boosts lion-bone sales 2015
  54. India’s tiger population increases by almost a third 2015
  55. Humans are 'unique super-predator' 2015
  56. Seven tiny frog species found on seven mountains 2015
  57. Polar bears fail to adapt to lack of food in warmer Arctic 2015
  58. World not on course to meet 2020 biodiversity targets 2014
  59. Obama vastly expands Pacific reserve 2014
  60. It's time to shout stop on this war on the living world 2014
  61. World wildlife populations halved in 40 years 2014
  62. Biodiversity Survives Extinctions For Now 2014
  63. We are killing species at 1000 times the natural rate 2014
  64. Declaration signed on illegal wildlife trade 2014
  65. Lions 'facing extinction in West Africa' 2014
  66. 'Shocking' scale of pangolin smuggling revealed 2014
  67. Record poaching pushes rhinos towards extinction 2014
  68. World's only freshwater porpoise on brink of extinction Jul 13
  69. Protective measures are a 'death sentence' for rare dolphin say campaigners Nov 13
  70. Gleaming beetle one of 60 new species in Suriname Oct 13
  71. EU tightens ban on shark finning Jun 13
  72. Mammals in fragmented forests die out within 25 years Sep 13
  73. 'Historic' day for shark protection Mar 13
  74. S Africa fears 2013 rhino slaughter will break records Mar 13
  75. Wiping out top predators messes up the climate Feb 13
  76. EU ministers back fish dumping ban Feb 13
  77. CITES meeting to deal with species 'extinction crisis' Mar 13
  78. 25 primate species reported on brink of extinction Oct 12
  79. Half of Great Barrier Reef coral lost in last 27 years Oct 12 Caribbean has lost 80% of its coral reefs
  80. Disappointment as Antarctic protection bid fails Nov 12
  81. Madagascar palm trees at risk of extinction, study finds Oct 12
  82. Bolivia enacts law to protect Amazon pink dolphins Sep 12
  83. Protected tropical forests' biodiversity 'declining' Jul 12
  84. Red List counts 'on the brink' species Jun 12
  85. Australia to create world's largest marine reserve Jun 12
  86. Great ape habitat in Africa has dramatically declined Sep 12
  87. Amazon's extinction debt still to be paid Jul 12
  88. Rio Earth Summit Dossier Jun 12 Earth Summit is doomed to fail, say leading ecologists Feb 12
  89. Tiger dossier Feb 12
  90. World seabird numbers still falling Mar 12
  91. More than one in 10 marine species in tropical eastern Pacific face extinction Feb 12
  92. Up to 900 tropical bird species could 'go extinct' Mar 12
  93. Threats to the Great Barrier Reef 2012
  94. 'Humans killed off Australia's giant beasts' Mar 12
  95. Wildlife icons may be 'beyond help' Nov 11
  96. Small steps for tuna, sharks and swordfish Nov 11 Tuna fished 'illegally' during Libya conflict Nov 11
  97. Suriname team find 46 new species in tropical forests Jan 12
  98. Western black rhino declared extinct Nov 11 Arrests in US rhino horn smuggling ring Feb 12
  99. Indonesian orangutan to the brink of extinction Nov 11
  100. Frog-killer disease was born in trade Nov 11
  101. Frankincense tree facing uncertain future Dec 11
  102. Australia plans huge marine reserve in Coral Sea Dec 11
  103. Guide reveals Amazon's biological bounty Dec 11
  104. Species count put at 8.7 million Aug 11
  105. Javan Rhino extinct in Vietnam, African Rhinos Poached for Vietnamese Medicines Oct 11
  106. Drug waste harms fish Aug 11
  107. Bangladesh dolphins get Sundarbans sanctuaries Oct 11
  108. World's oceans in 'shocking' decline Jun 11
  109. Acid oceans turn 'Finding Nemo' fish deaf May 11
  110. Tree-frog biodiversity warning for Amazon Jun 11
  111. Hidden assumption hypes species-loss predictions May 11
  112. EU fisheries reform would 'privatise oceans' May 11
  113. 1,800 monitor lizards seized by Thailand customs Apr 11
  114. Bubbling sea signals severe coral damage this century May 11
  115. Amur tigers in population crisis Feb 11
  116. Sting busts wildlife smuggling rings Dec 10
  117. Day of reckoning for Ecuador's biodiversity Jan 11
  118. Coral marches to the poles Jan 11
  119. Coral reefs heading for fishing and climate crisis Feb 11
  120. More species slide to extinction Oct 10
  121. Are there plenty more fish in the sea? This year's Salmon glut Oct 10
  122. New frog species found in hunt for old ones Nov 10
  123. Elephant ecological engineering 'benefits amphibians' Oct 10
  124. Clone zone: Bringing extinct animals back from the dead Oct 10
  125. Cane toads are evolving into super-invaders Oct 10
  126. Fishing nations criticised over deal on bluefin tuna Dec 10
  127. Agreement reached at UN biodiversity convention Oct 10
  128. Biodiversity - a kind of washing powder? Oct 10
  129. Honeybee disappearance mystery may be solved Oct 10
  130. Why the 'sixth extinction' will be unpredictable Sept 10
  131. Bid to introduce commercial whaling quotas fails Jun 10
  132. 'Green light' for global biodiversity science panel June 10
  133. One-fifth of world's plants at risk of extinction Sept 10
  134. Inbred bumblebees 'face extinction threat' Sept 10
  135. Cold empties Bolivian rivers of fish Aug 10
  136. Urgent call on EU to stop billion-euro 'alien invasion' Sept 10
  137. Polar bears face 'tipping point' due to climate change May 10
  138. Nature loss 'to damage economies' May 10
  139. World's 2010 nature species target 'will not be met' Apr 10
  140. Climate change link to lizard extinction May 10
  141. Overfishing began with the Victorians May 10
  142. Could domestication save the bluefin from extinction? May 10
  143. Zoo: Mining threat to 'living fossil' frog May 10
  144. Whaling plan draws anger from green groups (+more) Apr 10
  145. Whaling worsens carbon release, scientists warn Feb 10
  146. Galapagos sea lions head for warm Peru waters Feb 10
  147. Census offers glimpse of oceans' smallest lifeforms Apr 10
  148. Corruption raises doubts over ivory sales Mar 10
  149. Internet threatens rare species, conservationists warn Mar 10
  150. Folk medicine poses global threat to primate species 2010
  151. CITES Bluefin Battle Mar 10 How bureaucrats decided not to save the bluefin tuna Mar 10
  152. Proposal to ban polar bear trade shot down Mar 10
  153. How to Preserve the Breadth of Life on the Planet Apr 10
  154. Boom time for Arctic animals Mar 10
  155. How interfering humans helped Amazon diversity Apr 10
  156. Biodiversity nears 'point of no return' Jan10
  157. Biodiversity year: UN 'wake-up call' on nature loss Jan10
  158. Bee decline linked to falling biodiversity Jan10
  159. Arctic tern's epic journey mapped Jan10
  160. 'Global surge' in rhino poaching Dec09
  161. 'Bumper year' for botanical finds Dec09
  162. Species' extinction threat grows Nov 09 New fears for species extinctions Oct 09 E. O. Wilson: We must save the living environment Sep 09
  163. Tuna ban 'justified' by science Oct 09 Tuna in peril as catches reach triple the limit Nov 09 Tuna body shies from fishing ban Nov 09
  164. Tuna: EU Backs Bluefin Ban Sep 09 Bluefin off Menu June 09 Skipjack can stay on the menu Jul 09
  165. Kew Gardens' Seed Bank has reaches its target of 10% of world's wild plants Nov 09
  166. Crime rings boost ivory smuggling Nov 09 Siberian Tiger on the Brink Nov 09
  167. Costing the Earth: investing in protecting the planet Nov 09
  168. Permian Mass extinction blamed on fiery fountains of coal Nov 09
  169. New crocodile hopes in Cambodia Nov 09 Niger's giraffes stage a comeback Nov 09
  170. Acid oceans leave fish at more risk from predators Nov 09
  171. Inbreeding sabotages rare species' sperm March 2009
  172. Giant Chinese paddlefish 'verges on extinction' Sep 09
  173. Bird-eating frog among 163 new species found in Mekong region Sep 09
  174. Scale of gorilla poaching exposed Sep 09
  175. End the pillaging of the high seas Sep 09
  176. Mammal database identifies species destined for trouble Aug 09
  177. GM crops harming environment raises controversy Sep 09
  178. 'Extinction threat' to flying fox Aug 09
  179. Axolotl verges on wild extinction Aug 09
  180. Launch for amphibian 'life raft' Aug 09
  181. Vietnam eating its animals to extinction Aug 09
  182. The Sixth Extinction? New Yorker
  183. Many sharks 'facing extinction' Aug 09
  184. Mekong dolphins 'almost extinct' Jun 09
  185. Ladybird 'risk to 1,000 species' Jun 09
  186. Battling scientists reach consensus on health of global fish stocks Jul 09
  187. Extinction hits 'whole families' Aug 09
  188. Oil road turns tribes into meat traders Jun 09
  189. Shellfish reefs are 'most imperilled sea habitat' Jun 09
  190. Invest in islands to save most species Jun 09
  191. Consensus on EU fisheries change Jun 09
  192. Key coral reefs 'could disappear' May 2009 'Freezer plan' bid to save coral Nov 09
  193. Birds face biggest threat since Ice Age May 2009
  194. Acidic seas fuel extinction fears BBC 2009
  195. Medicinal plants on verge of extinction BBC 2009
  196. Emperor Penguins Face Extinction BBC Jan 2009
  197. Mountain gorillas in dire straits, DNA reveals BBC 2009
  198. A billion frogs on world's plates BBC 2009
  199. Bleak forecast on fishery stocks BBC Feb 2009
  200. Wildlife populations 'plummeting' BBC 2008
  201. Extinction 'by man not climate' BBC 2008
  202. Mammals facing extinction threat BBC 2008
  203. Primates 'face extinction crisis' BBC 2008
  204. Protection boost for rare gorilla BBC 2008
  205. Nature loss 'dwarfs bank crisis' BBC 2008
  206. World 'to fail' on nature target BBC 2008
  207. Sharks swim closer to extinction BBC 2008
  208. Lions 'close to extinction' BBC 2008
  209. Progress at UN biodiversity forum BBC 2008
  210. World 'must tackle space threat' BBC 2008
  211. 'Only 50 years left' for sea fish BBC 2006
  212. Corruption is devouring the world's fish stocks New Sci 2008
  213. 'Alarming' plight of coral reefs BBC 2008
  214. Refugee link to wildlife decline BBC 2008
  215. Seas too noisy for whales BBC 2008
  216. Noisy oceans 'threaten sea life' BBC 2008
  217. Map shows toll on world's oceans BBC 2008
  218. Mass extinctions: The Armageddon factor 2007
  219. Medical plants 'face extinction' 2008
  220. Terminator the Zombie 2007
  221. A disaster to take everyone's breath away BBC 2006
  222. Stopping the next extinction wave BBC 2006
  223. 'Critical danger' warning on fish BBC 2006
  224. Extinction alert for 800 species
  225. Life's diversity 'being depleted' BBC 2006
  226. New species found in Papua 'Eden' BBC 2006
  227. Hidden Garden of Eden wilts as Earth warms New Sci 2006
  228. Britains plants conservation behind target BBC 2006
  229. Uganda's 'sex tree' under threat Jul 27, 2007
  230. More species slide to extinction BBC 2006
  231. New Red List paints bleak picture of extinction New Sci 2006
  232. Himalayan forests are quietly vanishing New Sci 2006
  233. Warming set to 'devastate' coral BBC 2006
  234. Maize and Bananas in genetic crisis New Sci 2006
  235. Rainforests still at great risk BBC 2006
  236. Bullfrog linked to frog fungus threat BBC 2006
  237. Fishing major threat to turtles BBC 2006
  238. Albatross numbers take steep dive BBC 2006
  239. Giant Mekong catfish off the hook BBC 2006
  240. 'Hope for coral' as oceans warm BBC 2006
  241. Bush creates new marine sanctuary BBC 2006
  242. Bird extinction rates far worse than realised New Sci 2006
  243. Long-haul birds 'returning early' BBC 2006
  244. Doomsday vault to avert world famine New Sci 2006
  245. Extinction fear for black rhino BBC 2006
  246. UK butterfly species down to 56 BBC 2006
  247. World 'needs new wildlife body' BBC 2006
  248. Rare blue butterfly returns home BBC 2006



  1. Dams could 'permanently damage Amazon Research article pwd= 2017
  2. Amazon Gold Rush Continues to Decimate Peru's Rain Forest 2017
  3. Brazilian Amazon still plagued by illegal use of natural resources 2017
  4. Brazil opens vast Amazon reserve to mining Brazil court blocks Amazon mining decree 2017 Brazil revokes decree opening Amazon reserve to mining
  5. Brazil's president announces plan to protect forest – after plea from Gisele 2017
  6. Brazil minister: Amazon deforestation 'drops by 16%' 2017
  7. Deforestation soars in Colombia after Farc rebels' demobilization 2017
  8. Dry Amazon could see record fire season 2016 Deforestation spikes in Brazilian Amazon 2016
  9. World's wilderness reduced by a tenth since 1990s 2016
  10. Amazon fires 2000 sqkm Reserve Burned by Loggers 2015
  11. Big firms are still not acting on their deforestation promises 2015
  12. Tropical forest losses outpace UN estimates 2015
  13. Brazil agrees to cut Amazon deforestation and boost renewables 2015
  14. Myanmar jails 153 Chinese illegal loggers for life 2015
  15. Alarm over 'timber grab' from Cambodia's protected forests 2015
  16. Brazil sees "surprising" deforestation drop in Amazon 2014
  17. Brazil refuses to join pledge to end deforestation 2014
  18. Liberia signs 'transformational' deal to stem deforestation 2014
  19. Four Peruvian anti-logging activists murdered 2014
  20. Brazil's 'chainsaw queen' takes on environmentalists 2014
  21. Brazil Amazon tribe takes direct action against loggers 2014
  22. Brazil dismantles 'biggest destroyer' of Amazon rainforest 2014
  23. Amazon rainforest destruction in Brazil rises again 2014
  24. Brazil says Amazon deforestation rose 28% in a year Nov 13
  25. Why Burma's forests must be preserved Nov 13
  26. Deforestation in Congo basin slows, but for how long? Jul 13
  27. Brazil rainforest deforestation leads to seed shrinkage May 13
  28. Brazil supermarkets 'to avoid Amazon meat' Mar 13
  29. Nicaragua cloud forest 'under siege' by illegal loggers May 13
  30. International raid targets illegal timber trade Feb 13
  31. How the mafia is destroying the rainforests Oct 12
  32. Brazil to survey Amazon rainforest Jan 13
  33. Severe drought has lasting effects on Amazon Dec 12
  34. Amazon deforestation 'at record low' Nov 12
  35. Indonesian deforestation ban makes slow progress May 12
  36. Amazon fire analysis hits new heights Sep 12
  37. Saving Amazonia: Winning the war on deforestation Jan 12
  38. Brazil President Rousseff vetoes parts of forest law May 12 Brazil's Congress approves controversial forest law Apr 12 Brazilian Senate eases Amazon protection rules Dec 11
  39. 'No substitute' for virgin forest Sep 11
  40. A crusade to end slash-and-burn farming Oct 11
  41. Forest loggers join world's biggest ecology experiment Oct 11
  42. Huge Australian bushfires ignited rare plant growth Sep 11
  43. Misconceptions about forest-dwellers overturned Jun 11
  44. 'Sustainable' timber is not always what it seems Jun 11
  45. Congo rainforest summit stops short of commitments Jun 11
  46. Tropical forests 'better managed' Jun 11
  47. EU and Indonesia sign deal on illegal timber May 11
  48. Brazil: Amazon rainforest deforestation rises sharply May 11
  49. Forest loss slows as Asian nations plant Feb 11
  50. Malaysia leads way in study of deforestation Jan 11
  51. Brazil banks sued for Amazon deforestation Apr 11
  52. India and Brazil head move to 'green' economic future Oct 10
  53. Million-dollar Chinese beds fuel Madagascar timber crisis Oct 10
  54. Amazon deforestation on decrease says Brazil government Dec 10
  55. Indonesia declares logging halt May 10
  56. Forest loss slows, as China plants and Brazil preserves Mar 10
  57. Paying to keep the rainforests standing Dec09
  58. Amazon summit in Brazil aims to tackle deforestation Nov 09
  59. Treaty omission spells bad news for rainforests Nov 09
  60. Amazon is best site for forest carbon investments Dec09
  61. Amazon deforestation 'record low' Nov 09
  62. Argentina's forests dwindle Oct 09
  63. New photos highlight rainforest devastation Sep 09
  64. Paying to save the rainforests Aug 09
  65. Deforestation emissions on the rise Jul 09
  66. 'Boom and bust' of deforestation Jun 2009
  67. Great land giveaway could be disaster for Amazon Amazon bill controversy in Brazil Jun 09
  68. Brazil's other big forest in dire straits May 2009
  69. Rainforests may pump winds worldwide New Sci Apr 2009
  70. Parts of Amazon close to tipping point New Sci Mar 2009
  71. 'Crunch year' for world's forests BBC Mar 2009
  72. Officials fighting uphill battle trying to end Amazon logging Observer Feb 2009
  73. 70% deforestation cuts for Brazil BBC 2008
  74. Amazon destruction gathers pace BBC 2008
  75. Brazil government 'worst logger' BBC 2008
  76. Sierra Leone bans timber exports 2008
  77. Pressures build on Amazon jungle BBC 2008
  78. Amazon deforestation accelerates BBC 2008
  79. Brazil Amazon destruction slows BBC 2007
  80. Brazil sees record deforestation BBC 2008
  81. Brazil vows to stem Amazon loss BBC 2008
  82. Amazon future in graphics BBC 2008
  83. No clear trend in forest loss BBC 2008
  84. Pledge to protect Sumatran forest BBC 2008
  85. The Changing Face of Africa BBC 2008
  86. Amazon deforestation 2006-2050 New Sci 2006
  87. Map of Intact World Forest Landscapes 2006
  88. Nonrandom Processes Maintain Diversity in Tropical Forests Science 2006
  89. Charcoal reveals wildfire history BBC 2006


Above: Time lapse of loss of glacial ice cover Himalayas 1921 - 2011 BBC (GlacierWorks, Royal Geographical Society and Fondazione Sella O.n.l.u.s.).
Below: World regions having 0, 5, 50,100 and 200 days over 95oF left under the Paris accord and right without Paris (Climate Impact Lab).
Click maps to enlarge. Note that the right hand scenario could result in particularly severe changes to the climate of the Amazon basin.


Climate Change, Global Warming, and Ocean Rise

  1. The Top 7 Climate Findings of 2017
  2. Warmer Arctic is the 'new normal' - Arctic permafrost thawing faster than ever, US climate study finds - Full NOAA ReportCard 2017
  3. NCA4 US Govt. CLIMATE SCIENCE SPECIAL REPORTU.S. Government Report Says Humans Cause Climate Change, Contradicting Trump and Top Officials 2017
  4. Research article: Greater future global warming inferred from Earth's recent energy budget. 2017 pwd= We find that the observationally informed warming projection for the end of the twenty-first century for the steepest radiative forcing scenario is about 15 per cent warmer relative to the raw model projections reported by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Our results suggest that achieving any given global temperature stabilization target will require steeper greenhouse gas emissions reductions than previously calculated. doi:10.1038/nature24672 Congressional watchdog agency to study social cost of carbon 2017.
  5. Small steps forward as UN climate talks end in Bonn 2017 Latest climate talks actually made progress despite US obstinacy
  6. Paris Agreement climate proposals need a boost to keep warming well below 2°C Rogelj et al. doi:10.1038/nature18307 2017
  7. Alternative US group honouring Paris climate accord demands 'seat at the table' 2017
    Merkel, Macron laud US efforts
    to challenge Trump on Paris climate deal 2017 With US backing, Ukraine pushes to privatize Paris Agreement 2017
  8. First CO2 emissions rise in four years puts pressure on Paris targets'
  9. Record surge in atmospheric CO2 to 403 ppm seen in 2016From Miami to Shanghai: 3C of warming will leave world cities below sea level 2017
  10. Nasa forecast: Which cities will flood as ice melts? 2017
  11. US STANDS ALONE, as Syria joins Paris climate agreement 2017 Paris accord: US and Syria alone as Nicaragua signs 2017
  12. Big role for U.S. at climate talks despite withdrawal from Paris deal 2017 Trump team looks for alternative approaches to Paris pact 2017
  13. Climate Crisis and Extreme US Weather:
    Thomas Fire Largest in CA History1 2 2017 Climate Change Fingerprints Are All over California Wildfires 2017 What We Know about Wildfires and Climate Change 2017
    Gov. Brown says fires 'new normal'. "With climate change, some scientists are saying southern California is literally burning up." 2017
    Harvey marks the most extreme rain event in U.S. history with some areas receiving a once in 1000 yrs rainfall 2017 What We Know about the Climate Change-Hurricane Connection 2017

    McMaster says no redo on Paris climate deal decision despite hurricane damage 2017.
    CNN on Harvey: Now we have a moral duty to talk about climate change
  14. Research article: Estimating economic damage from climate change in the United States 2017 pwd= By the late 21st century, the poorest third of counties are projected to experience damages between 2 and 20% of county income under business-as-usual emissions. Science 356 1362-9
  15. Changing climate could worsen foods' nutrition 2017 Research article: Increasing CO2 threatens human nutrition 2017 pwd=
  16. Limiting global warming to 1.5 °C may still be possible 2017
  17. Trump administration to roll back Obama clean power rule 2017
  18. More acidic oceans 'will affect all sea life' 2017
  19. Legal threat exposes gaps in climate-change planning 2017
  20. Sydney and Melbourne could face 50C days 'within decades' 2017
  21. Trump Pushback: California scientists push to create massive climate-research programme 2017 Can a crowd-sourced mega-forest offset Trump's climate chaos?2017
  22. Russian tanker sails through Arctic without icebreaker for first time 2017
  23. More Trump denial politics: US government disbands climate-science advisory committee - US energy agency asked scientists to scrub references to climate change
  24. Hopes of mild climate change dashed by new research Research article: Slow climate mode reconciles historical and model-based estimates of climate sensitivity pwd= Historical temperature measurements do not reveal the slow heating of the planet's oceans that takes place for decades or centuries after CO2 has been added to the atmosphere. The situation might be even worse, as Proistosescu's work shows climate sensitivity could be as high as 6C. Sci. Adv. 2017;3:e1602821.
  25. World May Have Less Time to Address Climate Change Than Scientists Thought 2017.
  26. As Climate Changes, Southern US States Will Suffer More 2017.
  27. Extreme weather 'could kill up to 100,000 a year' in Europe by 2100 2017
  28. Warming to boost deadly humidity levels across South Asia 2017.
  29. Massive El Niño sent greenhouse- gas emissions soaring 2017.
  30. Third hottest June puts 2017 on track to make hat-trick of hottest years 2017.
  31. Major industrialized countries are failing to meet pledges: Prove Paris was more than paper promises
  32. 'Dodgy' official greenhouse gas data threatens Paris accord 2017.
  33. Australia faces potentially disastrous consequences of climate change, inquiry told 2017.
  34. A Flood of Climate Problems in Andes pwd= 2017.
  35. Satellite snafu masked true sea- level rise for decades 2017.
  36. Climate scientists flock to France's call 2017
  37. Asian cities set to benefit most from green growth as US retreats 2017
  38. Many More Republicans Now Believe in Climate Change 2017
  39. Governments sued over climate change, with banks and firms next 2017
  40. Trump commits the Worst Crime in History of an American President against the Planet's Future and makes a Complete ass of the United States in the Eyes of the World and most voting Americans: Full dossier, including responses from all over the world from Obama, and Gerry Brown in California, the Mayor of Pittsburgh through the CEOs of Google, General Electric, Exxon, Tesla to Angela Merkel, Macron, Putin and the premier of China. To every US citizen - get this man out - he is a threat to the entire planet. Your corrupt political system allowed this to happen and you need to fix this mess or your children and grandchildren will come to hate you for your lack of due dilligence for allowing this to come to pass.
  41. Macron speech to the US people - French govt video edit
  42. ABC Poll showing US 59% people opposed
  43. Earth's last major warm period 125,000 yrs ago was as hot as today: At peak of previous interglacial interval, sea levels were 6 to 9 meters higher 2017
  44. Earth could break through a major climate threshold in the next 15 years, scientists warn 2017 'Vulnerable Voices' Lash Out as Companies Sway Climate Talks 2017
  45. Climate Change Is Turning Antarctica Green 2017 Trees in Eastern U.S. Head West as Climate Changes 2017
  46. Norway to boost protection of Arctic seed vault from climate change after thawing flood 2017
  47. 2016 Was the Hottest Year on Record 2017 Five Pacific islands disappear as sea levels rise 2017
  48. Arctic sea ice hits record wintertime low   Major Report Prompts Warnings That the Arctic Is Unravelling 2017
  49. Great Barrier Reef: Two-thirds damaged in 'unprecedented' bleaching Great Barrier Reef worth A$56bn, report finds 2017
  50. Jetstream: One of the most troubling ideas about climate change just found new evidence in its favor 2017
  51. New crack in one of Antarctica's biggest ice shelves could mean a major break is near 2017
  52. Republicans Offer to Tax Carbon Emissionns 2017
  53. Global warning: live from the climate-change frontline as Trump becomes president 2017
  54. Paris climate deal: US and China announce ratification 2016 Trump nominee backs Paris climate agreement 2017 Trump on Climate
  55. US businesses push against Trump's attempts to dismiss climate change
  56. Marrakech: Climate change a Chinese hoax? Beijing gives Donald Trump a history lesson Pope urges world leaders not to hobble climate change pact
  57. CO2 levels past 400 mark 'new era' in the world's changing climate 2016
  58. Iceberg twice size of Luxembourg breaks off Antarctic ice shelf 2017 Antarctica Ice Shelf is Breaking from the Inside Out 2016 Huge Antarctic iceberg poised to break away 2016
  59. Ice loss spreads up Antarctic glaciers 2016 Sea Levels Will Rise Faster Than Ever 2016
  60. Arctic heatwave could break records 2016 Arctic sea ice shrinks to second lowest level ever recorded
  61. Climate change specialist predicts human extinction in 10 years 2016
  62. Greenland once lost nearly all its ice - and could again 2016
  63. 'Monumental' deal to cut HFCs, fastest growing greenhouse gases 2016 Methane surge needs 'urgent attention' 2016
  64. 'Gateway to the Underworld' - melting permafrost a huge problem for the planet 2016
  65. Climate change: Fresh doubt over global warming 'pause' 2016
  66. Five Pacific islands vanish from sight as sea levels rise 2016
  67. Ghana's coastal erosion: The village buried in sand 2016
  68. Global carbon growth stalls as US coal continues to slump 2016
  69. Unexpected Antarctic ice melt may trigger 2 metre sea level rise 2016
  70. April breaks global temperature records for seventh month in a row 2016
  71. World's carbon dioxide concentration teetering on the point of no return 2016
  72. Thanks to climate change, the Arctic is turning green 2016
  73. Feeling the heat: February warmest month in recorded history 2016
  74. Half a degree extra warming would lead to catastrophic impacts 2016
  75. Middle East hit by rise in sand and dust storms 2016
  76. Fossil Fuels May Not Dwindle Anytime Soon 2016
  77. Cattle drugs could fuel climate change, study suggests 2016
  78. Australia scrubbed from UN climate change report after government intervention 2016
  79. US and India set to join UN climate deal and agree on renewables 2016
  80. 175 States sign Paris deal 2016 Climate scientists focus on 1.5 degrees after Paris deal 2016
  81. Surge in renewable energy stalls world greenhouse gas emissions 2016
  82. Earth's Carbon Emissions an Order of Magnitude Higher than the last 50m Year Extinction 2016
  83. Hansen 2: Impact of global warming will be quicker and more catastrophic than envisioned 2016
  84. Record-breaking temperatures 'have robbed the Arctic of its winter' 2016
  85. Dangerous global warming will happen sooner than thought 2016
  86. Highest ever annual rise in carbon dioxide levels recorded 2016
  87. Antarctic history suggests ice sheet danger threshold 2016
  88. Pew research on world attitudes to climate 2016
  89. Scientists find where the Earth is most sensitive to climate swings 2016
  90. Collapsing Greenland glacier could raise sea levels by half a metre, say scientists 2015
  91. Paris climate deal is agreed – but is it really good enough? 2015
  92. Supreme shock: Has US court holed Paris climate deal? 2016 Why Obama’s Supreme Court nomination is good for the climate
  93. Is there an economic case for tackling climate change? 2015
  94. A Turning Point in Combating Climate Change May Be Here 2015
  95. El Niño Strengthening, Will Be among Biggest on Record 2015
  96. Melting ice in west Antarctica could raise seas by 3m 2015
  97. Collapsing Greenland glacier could raise sea levels by half a metre 2015
  98. Sea level rise will swallow Miami, New Orleans 2015
  99. Indigenous people could be key to storing carbon in tropical forests, new report concludes 2015
  100. Carbon choices determine US cities committed to futures below sea level 2015 pwd=
  101. Persian Gulf could soon be too hot for humans 2015
  102. Green Climate Fund faces slew of criticism 2015
  103. Carbon emissions make Earth greener but are also drying it out 2015
  104. What Exxon knew about the Earth's melting Arctic 2015 Inquiry 2015
  105. Permafrost warming in parts of Alaska 'is accelerating' 2015
  106. White House puts 'super pollutant' HFCs in crosshairs with new initiative 2015
  107. Emissions 'far above' 2C target 2015
  108. Latest numbers show at least 5 metres sea-level rise locked in 2015
  109. Hansen 1: Leading climate scientist: Future is bleaker than we thought 2015
  110. Climate change and the fate of Antarctica 2015
  111. Global heat record broken 2015 July was Earth's hottest month on record 2015
  112. 2UN Climate Talks: Hints of compromise on key issue , World will pass crucial 2oC global warming limit,
    Climate pledges by 140 countries will limit global warming - but not enough
  113. Netherlands ordered to cut greenhouse gas emissions 2015
  114. Arctic ice 'grew by a third' after cool summer in 2013 2015
  115. Climate change: Australia sets new emissions target 2015
  116. US scientists: Global warming pause 'no longer valid' 2015
  117. Obama orders stronger limits on power-plant emissions 2015
  118. Southern Ocean sucks up more carbon dioxide than was thought 2015
  119. Global-warming limit of 2°C hangs in the balance 2015
  120. 'Stable' region of Antarctica is melting 2015
  121. Methane apocalypse? Defusing the Arctic's time bomb 2015 pwd=
  122. Fossil fuels subsidised by $10m a minute, says IMF 2015
  123. Coal bust may be behind stall in carbon emissions 2015
  124. Arctic sea ice extent hits record low for winter 2015
  125. US makes climate pledge to UN 2015
  126. Amazon: 1% of tree species store 50% of region's carbon 2015
  127. California sets tough new targets to cut emissions 2015
  128. 2014: The hottest year on record 2015
  129. Climate change: China official warns of 'huge impact' 2015
  130. Rate of sea-level rise 'steeper' 2015 Warm water undermining Antarctica's ice shelves 2014
  131. Future US megadroughts set to be the worst in 1,000 years 2015
  132. Nervous scientists wary of giant craters in Siberia 2015
  133. Lima talks map out path to climate treaty 2014 US-China climate deal raises hopes for Lima talks 2014
  134. Geo-engineering: Climate fixes 'could harm billions' 2014
  135. Global CO2 emissions 'stalled' in 2014 2015 Satellite maps global carbon dioxide levels 2014
  136. Ocean carbon release 'ended last Ice Age' 2014
  137. Amazon indigenous land loss threatens climate, says study 2014
  138. World on track for worst-case warming scenario 2014
  139. Rich countries to discuss Green Climate Fund in Berlin 2014
  140. Climate change: Models 'underplay plant CO2 absorption' 2014
  141. Fossil fuels should be phased out by 2100 says IPCC 2014
  142. Climate change summit: world leaders told to 'step up ambition' 2014
  143. EU leaders hammer out landmark climate deal 2014
  144. Record sea ice around Antarctica due to global warming 2014
  145. White House opens door to new rules to cut methane emissions 2014
  146. Ozone recovery helped by warming climate 2014
  147. Hundreds of sea-floor methane plumes spotted by sonar 2014
  148. Esa's Cryosat mission sees Antarctic ice losses double 2014
  149. Greenhouse gas levels rising at fastest rate since 1984 2014
  150. Climate inaction to be 'catastrophe' 2014
  151. Global warming slowdown 'could last another decade' 2014
  152. The seven deadly sinners driving global warming 2014
  153. UN report urges action over rising CO2 2014
  154. Greenland glacier hits record speed 2014
  155. How much hotter is the planet going to get? 2014
  156. Wavier jet stream 'may drive weather shift' 2014
  157. Less gloopy oceans will slow climate change 2014
  158. Climate change: The case of the missing heat 2014 password="model"
  159. Devastating El Nino events to double this century 2014
  160. Pine Island Glacier's retreat 'irreversible' 2014
  161. Is our Sun falling silent? 2014
  162. Last minute deal saves fractious UN climate talks Nov 13
  163. The oceans are heating, acidifying and choking Oct 13
  164. Solar activity heads for lowest low in four centuries 2013
  165. Arctic sea-ice volume bounce back Oct 13
  166. Global warming will increase intensity of El Nino, scientists say Nov 13
  167. Research article: Arctic greening Nov 13 pwd=
  168. Concentrations of warming gases breaks record Nov 13
  169. Report suggests 'permanent slowdown' in CO2 emissions Oct 13
  170. Obama launches plan to fight climate change in US Jun 13
  171. Gaia's comeback: How life shapes the weather Jul 13
  172. The Alaskan village set to disappear underwater in a decade Jul 13
  173. IPCC climate report: humans 'dominant cause' of warming Sep 13
  174. Leaked IPCC report doesn't let us off the hook Jul 13
  175. Cryosat mission observes continuing Arctic winter ice decline Sep 13
  176. Clouds save Earth from runaway greenhouse hell Jul 13
  177. Rise in violence 'linked to climate change' Aug13
  178. Frozen fuel: The giant methane bonanza Sep 13
  179. Peat bogs could save the world Sep 13
  180. European forests near 'carbon saturation point' Aug 13
  181. Arctic methane 'time bomb' could have huge economic costs Jul 13
  182. Antarctic ice melting faster than in past 1000 years Apr 13
  183. Antarctic flood produces 'ice crater' Jul 13
  184. True face of climate's hockey stick graph revealed Mar 13
  185. Climate slowdown means extreme rates of warming 'not as likely' May 13
  186. Secret funding helped build vast network of climate denial thinktanks Mar 13
  187. Tropical forests unexpectedly resilient to climate change Mar 13
  188. Major methane release is almost inevitable Feb 13
  189. Arctic thaw may be first in cascade of tipping points Feb 13
  190. Global temperatures are close to 11,000-year peak Mar 13
  191. Carbon dioxide passes 400 ppm mark May 13
  192. Antarctic ice volume measured Mar 13 Cryosat spots Arctic sea-ice loss in autumn Feb 13 Global warming expands Antarctic sea ice Mar 13
  193. The melting of Canada's glaciers is irreversible Mar 13
  194. Sea urchin nickel 'trick' could be key to capturing carbon Feb 13
  195. Experts fear 1m sea level rise by 2100 Jan 13 Projections of sea level rise are vast underestimates Nov 12
  196. Barack Obama promises US action on climate Jan 13
  197. Leaked IPCC report reaffirms dangerous climate change Dec 12
  198. Tackling global warming head on Jan 13
  199. Doha summit launches climate damage aid Dec 12
  200. World's biggest geoengineering experiment 'violates' UN rules Oct 12
  201. The world to burn as much coal as oil by 2017 Jan 2013
  202. Climate concerns as ‘ozone-friendly’ HFCs use grows Nov 11
  203. West Antarctic Ice Sheet warming twice earlier estimate Dec 12
  204. Arctic permafrost is melting faster than predicted Nov 12
  205. Melting in the Andes: Goodbye glaciers Nov 12
  206. Greenland ice sheet melted at unprecedented rate during July Aug 12
  207. Record minimum for Arctic sea ice Sep 12 Satellites trace sea level change Sep 12
  208. Antarctic may host methane stores Aug 12 Antarctic: Grand Canyon-sized rift 'speeding ice melt Jul 12 Loss of Antarctic ice could trigger super- interglacial Jul 12
  209. Tibetan glaciers shrinking rapidly Jul 12
  210. US criticised on 2C climate 'flexibility' call Aug 12 Japan to renege on carbon emissions cuts Jun 12Mexico's president enacts climate change legislation Jun 12
  211. Green decline 'may bring irreversible change' Jul 12
  212. How global warming is driving our weather wild Jul 12
  213. Fox News Distorts Climate Science Sep 12 July 2012 was hottest US month since records began Jul 12
  214. Carbon dioxide levels reach a new milestone Jun 12
  215. Rio Earth Summit Dossier Jun 12 Earth Summit is doomed to fail, say leading ecologists Feb 12
  216. New planet record suggests our solar system is normal Apr 12
    Correcting claims that lobal warming is caused by fluctuations in the sun's brightness.
  217. Oceans acidifying at unprecedented speed Mar 12
  218. Greenland glaciers on the move May 12
  219. Melting Arctic link to cold, snowy UK winters Feb 12
  220. Arctic sea ice may have passed crucial tipping point Mar 12
  221. Arctic melt releasing ancient methane May 12
  222. Rising Ocean Temperatures Prime Amazon Rainforest for Fire Apr 12
  223. Temperatures could rise by 3C by 2050, models suggest Mar 12
  224. Humble moss helped to cool Earth and spurred on life Feb 12
  225. French Alpine glaciers in retreat Dec 11
  226. Thawing microbes could control the climate Dec 11
  227. Climate talks end with late deal Dec 11
  228. China's consumers emit more than US for the first time Dec 11
  229. CO2 may not warm the planet as much as thought Nov 11
  230. Global warming 'confirmed' by independent study Oct 11
  231. Climate change 'grave threat' to security and health Oct 11
  232. Arctic ice hits second-lowest level Sep 11
  233. Rivers of Melting Ice Mapped in Antarctica Sep 11
  234. Arctic ozone loss at record level Apr 11
  235. Times Atlas 'wrong' on Greenland ice Sep 11
  236. China 'won't follow US' on carbon emissions Oct 11
  237. Planting forests won't stop global warming Jun 11
  238. Climate change 'threatens peace', UN official warns Jul 11
  239. Stratospheric Pollution Helps Slow Global Warming Jul 11
  240. Global warming lull down to China's coal growth Jul 11
  241. Huge Arctic fire hints at new climate cue Jul 11
  242. Worst ever carbon emissions leave climate on the brink May 11
  243. Climate to wreak havoc on food supply Jun 11
  244. Greenland ice in no hurry to raise seas May 11
  245. Warmer oceans release CO2 faster than thought Apr 11
  246. Shale gas 'worse than coal' for climate Apr 11
  247. Melting sea ice leaves Arctic vulnerable to erosion Apr 11
  248. First signs of ozone-hole recovery spotted May 11
  249. Arctic ozone levels in never-before-seen plunge Apr 11
  250. Ozone hole has dried Australia Apr 11
  251. New warning on Arctic ice melt Apr 11 Wikileaks cables show race to carve up Arctic May 11
  252. Roman rise and fall 'recorded in trees' Jan 11
  253. Polar ice loss quickens, raising seas Mar 11
  254. Copenhagen police detained climate protesters illegally Dec 10
  255. Mass tree deaths prompt fears of Amazon 'climate tipping point' Feb 11
  256. Cancun Dossier Dec 10
  257. Why Ice Ages Don't Last Forever May 10
  258. Tropical forests thrived in ancient global warming Nov 10
  259. Deforestation 'not so important for climate change' Dec 10
  260. 2009 carbon emissions fall smaller than expected Nov 10
  261. UN climate talks in China end without breakthrough Oct 10
  262. Amazon tributary drops to record low in Brazil Oct 10
  263. Declining solar activity linked to recent warming (not cooling!) Oct 10
  264. UK faces more harsh winters in solar activity dip Jul 11
  265. The history of ice on Earth May 10
  266. Ridge clue to Antarctic ice loss June 10
  267. Stricter controls urged for the UN's climate body Aug 10
  268. Record-breaking current found deep in Southern Ocean May 10
  269. Amazon river level in Peru at 40-year low Sept 10
  270. Earth 'too hot for humans' within 300 years May 10
  271. Uganda's highest ice cap splits on Mt Margherita May 10
  272. Academics urge radical new approach to climate change May 10
  273. Review of IPCC workings set to open May 10
  274. An oceanic 'fast-lane' for climate change Apr 10
  275. Enough is enough, say climate scientists May 10
  276. 2010 is 'warmest year ever' May 2010
  277. UN: Prospects for climate deal 'slim' Apr 10
  278. UN body to look at meat and climate link Mar 10
  279. Low solar activity link to cold UK winters Apr 10
  280. A quiet sun won't save us from global warming Feb 10
  281. Gulf Stream 'is not slowing down' Mar 10
  282. Climate change will make world more 'fragrant' Feb 10
  283. Greenpeace issues warning about data centre power Mar 10
  284. Which climate changes can be blamed on humans? Mar 10
  285. Greenland's glaciers disappearing from the bottom up Feb 10
  286. Vast iceberg 'may disrupt ocean currents' Feb 10
  287. Methane bubbling out of Arctic Ocean - but is it new? Mar 10
  288. Arctic arch failure leads to sea-ice exodus Apr 10
  289. 'Paltry' Copenhagen carbon pledges point to 3C world Apr 10
  290. Methane release 'looks stronger' Jan10
  291. Major Antarctic glacier is 'past its tipping point' Jan10
  292. Major sea level rise likely as Antarctic ice melts Dec09
  293. Glacier threat to Bolivia capital Dec09
  294. UN climate body admits 'mistake' on Himalayan glaciers Jan10
  295. Officials back climate change science at Delhi talks Jan10
  296. Scientists test climate change 'earlywarning system' Dec09
  297. Copenhagen response 'is pathetic' Feb 10
  298. Copenhagen climate summit undone by 'arrogance' Mar 10
  299. The Copenhagen Dossier Dec09
  300. Climate change: Copenhagen in graphics Dec09
  301. China's climate target: is it achievable? Dec09
  302. Ships provide insight into ocean carbon Dec09
  303. Amazon is best site for forest carbon investments Dec09
  304. 'Acidifying oceans' threaten food supply, UK warns Dec 09
  305. Earth in 'hottest decade on record' Dec09
  306. While Nepal cabinet meets on Everest, Maldives cabine meets underwater Dec09
  307. EU strikes climate funding deal Nov 09 US will announce target for cutting carbon emissions Nov 09 Obama to attend Copenhagen - US cuts announced Nov 09
  308. Brazil and France in climate deal Nov 09 India-China climate change deal Nov 09 China agrees target Nov 09
  309. Final round for UN climate talks Nov 09 Climate causes African Conflict Nov 09
  310. Trees in far north provide biggest climate benefit Nov 09 Treaty omission spells bad news for rainforests Nov 09
  311. Earth 'heading for 6C' of warming Nov 09 Global warming science alarming, say climate experts Nov 09 Stark Diagnosis for Copenhagen Nov 09
  312. Computer Studies 'overstate species risks' from climate change Nov 09
  313. Nature: Counting carbon in the Amazon + When the Ice Melts Oct 09
  314. Glaciers disappearing from Kilimanjaro Nov 09
  315. Indonesia third-largest greenhouse gas emitter Nov 09
  316. Greenland ice loss 'accelerating' Nov 09 Greenland ice loss behind a sixth of sealevel rise Nov 09
  317. East Antarctic ice sheet may be losing mass Nov 09 East Antarctica Thawing Nov 09
  318. Can cloud ships and space sun shades fix the planet? Nov 09
  319. Climategate Dossier Nov09 Hacked archive provides fodder for climate sceptics Nov 09 NZ climate scientist falls victim to hackers Nov 09 UK lawmakers take heat off 'Climategate' scientist Mar 10 'No malpractice' by climate unit Apr 10
  320. Arctic to be 'ice-free in summer' Nov 09
  321. 'Scary' climate message from past Oct 09
  322. What happened to global warming? Oct 09 'Nature' attacks the BBC for climate change U-turn Nov 09
  323. Pause in Arctic's melting trend Sep 09
  324. Map sequence of Arctic Polar Ice 1999-2009
  325. Doctors warn on climate failure Sep 09
  326. China vows climate change action Sep 09
  327. Earth's coastlines after sea-level rise, 4000 AD Aug 09
  328. Global warming could change Earth's tilt Aug 09
  329. Photosynthetic viruses keep world's oxygen levels up Aug 09
  330. Trees advance in a warming world Aug 09
  331. 'Artificial trees' to cut carbon Aug 09
  332. Arctic 'warmest in 2,000 years' Aug 09
  333. Global warming sparked by ancient farming methods Aug 09
  334. Climate change: no Eden, no apocalypse Sep 09
  335. Methane seeps from Arctic sea bed Aug 09
  336. Antarctic glacier 'thinning fast' Aug 09
  337. Glaciers a canary in the coal mine of global warming Jul 09
  338. World powers accept warming limit Jul 09
  339. Origin of Antarctic ice revealed Jun 09
  340. US House passes key climate bill Jul 09
  341. Obama to regulate 'pollutant' CO2 May 2009
  342. 'Safe' climate means 'no to coal' May 2009
  343. 'Quiet Sun' baffling astronomers May 2009
  344. Spam 'produces 17m tons of CO2' May 2009
  345. Key role of forests 'may be lost' May 2009
  346. Ice sheet melt threat reassessed May 2009
  347. Why Antarctic ice is growing despite global warming May 2009
  348. Earth warming faster than thought BBC Mar 2009
  349. Ice bridge ruptures in Antarctic BBC Mar 2009
  350. 'More bad news' on climate change BBC Mar 2009
  351. The Next 100 Years New Sci Feb 2009
  352. Antarctic bulge could flood Washington DC New Scientist Feb 2009
  353. Global warming 'underestimated' BBC Feb 2009
  354. Global Warming Irreversible BBC Jan 2009
  355. Risks of Global Warming Rising: Is It Too Late to Reverse Course? Sci Am Feb 2009
  356. Seas Suffocating BBC Jan 2009
  357. Acid oceans 'need urgent action' BBC Jan 2009
  358. Even Antarctica is now feeling the heat of climate change BBC 2009
  359. Sea Ice Changes 'amplify Arctic warming' BBC 2008
  360. Arctic melt 20 years ahead of climate models New Sci 2008
  361. How kangaroo burgers could save the planet New Sci 2008
  362. Sea level rise by 2100 'below 2m' BBC 2008
  363. Poor countries 'need carbon cuts' BBC 2008
  364. Sea Level Estimates Big Rise 2008
  365. Forecast for big sea level rise BBC 2008
  366. No links to Solar Activity 2008
  367. More doubt on cosmic climate link BBC 2008
  368. Clue to break-up of ice shelves BBC 2008
  369. Arctic ice thickness 'plummets' BBC 2008
  370. New rifts form on Antarctic ice shelf BBC 2008
  371. Warming boosts strongest storms BBC 2008
  372. North Atlantic cold-water sink returns to life New Sci 2008
  373. China biggest CO2 Polluter 2008
  374. China 'now top carbon polluter' BBC 2008
  375. Climate 'could devastate crops' 2008
  376. AGU Climate 'clearly out of balance' 2008
  377. Vast cracks appear in Arctic ice BBC 2008
  378. Arctic ice 'is at tipping point' BBC 2008
  379. Arctic sea ice melt 'even faster' BBC 2008
  380. Arctic losing long-term ice cover BBC 2008
  381. Major ice-shelf loss for Canada BBC 2008
  382. Greenland ice sheet slams the brakes on New Sci 2008
  383. Next decade 'may see no warming' BBC 2008
  384. Sea levels 'rising faster than predicted' 2007
  385. Rising seas 'to beat predictions' 2007
  386. Warning on rising Mediterranean Sea levels BBC 2008
  387. Hints of methane's renewed rise bbc 2008
  388. Climate change in Graphics BBC 2007
  389. IPCC Humans blamed for climate change 2007
  390. Billions face climate change risk 2007
  391. Commentares from the Bali Climate Summit 2007
  392. Nature on Bali 2007
  393. The Tipping Point Science 2006
  394. Climate change 'real and severe' BBC 2006
  395. Backing for 'hockey stick' graph New Sci 2006
  396. Evolutionary Response to Rapid Climate Change Science 2006
  397. 'Clear' human impact on climate BBC 2006
  398. Global warming risk much higher BBC 2006
  399. No doubt about it the world is warming Science 2006
  400. Antarctic ice sheet is an 'awakened giant' New Sci 2006
  401. Antarctica losing ice to oceans BBC 2006
  402. No sign of increased snowfall in Antarctica Nature 2006
  403. Unexpected warming in Antarctica BBC 2006
  404. Significant Warming of the Antarctic Winter Troposphere Science 2006
  405. Antarctic birds 'breeding later' BBC 2006
  406. China and India 'hold the world in balance' New Sci 2006
  407. Sharp rise in CO2 levels recorded BBC 2006
  408. Consensus grows on climate change BBC 2006
  409. Curbing climate change 'unlikely' BBC 2006
  410. 'Major melt' for Alpine glaciers BBC 2006
  411. Greenland ice cap may be melting at triple speed New Scientist 2006
  412. Changes in the Velocity Structure of the Greenland Ice Sheet Science 2006
  413. The Greenland Ice Sheet and Global Sea-Level Rise Science 2006
  414. Greenland ice swells ocean rise BBC 2006
  415. Greenland glacier races to ocean BBC 2005
  416. New analysis says global warming boosts hurricanes New Scientist 2006
  417. Ice Core Extends Climate Record Back 650,000 Years New Sci 2005
  418. CO2 'highest for 650,000 years' BBC 2005
  419. New analysis says global warming boosts hurricanes New Sci 2006
  420. A Worrying Trend of Less Ice, Higher Seas Science 2006
  421. Hitting the Ice Sheets Where It Hurts Science 2006
  422. Paleoclimatic Evidence for Future Ice-Sheet Instability and Rapid Sea-Level Rise Science 2006
  423. Simulating Arctic Climate Warmth and Icefield Retreat in the Last Interglaciation Science 2006
  424. Methane burps disproved? New Sci 2006
  425. Plants revealed as methane source BBC 2006
  426. Air trends amplify warming BBC 2006
  427. North Atlantic Conveyor in Trouble 2006
  428. Ocean Currents Flip Out Nature 2006
  429. Greenhouse gas 'to rise by 52%' BBC 2005
  430. Earth 'on fast track' to warming BBC 2006
  431. Polar ice sheets show net loss BBC 2006
  432. A Sea Change Nature 2006
  433. Sea-level rise is quickening pace Nature 2006
  434. Sea level rise 'is accelerating' BBC 2006
  435. Delay expected in ozone recovery New Sci 2005
  436. Global warming weakens Pacific winds Nature 2006
  437. Monsoon gloom strikes South Asia New Sci 2006

Latest high accuracy predictions show no sign of population growth peak by 2100. Left: World population trends in the latest 2014 study show high confidence estimates of world population growing from the current 7 billion to 11 billion by 2100 with no sign of reduction (10% and 5% variations in darkening colours). Right: Growth by continent with Africa failing to curb population growth (Gerland P et al. 2014 World population stabilization unlikely this century Science 346 234 doi:10.1126/science.1257469). This shows that the unrestrained population growth is largely confined to Africa, with other continents stabilizing and some countries expereincing a population decline due to rapidly falling fertility rates.

Population: For a complete discussion, see The Population Bomb

  1. Turkey's waning fertility threatens Erdoğan's vision of strength 2017
  2. South Korea birth rate plunges to record low 2017
  3. Subsidised egg freezing isn't the answer to Japan's birth rate 2016
  4. Italy set to double child benefit to combat low birth rate 2016
  5. China to end one-child policy and allow two 2015
  6. COP21: Cardinal says birth control may offer climate 'solution' 2015
  7. South Korea Birthrate Hits Lowest on Record 2015
  8. Concern as Japan's 2014 birth rate falls to record low 2014
  9. World population unlikely to stop growing this century 2014
  10. No baby boom from ease in China's 1-child policy 2014
  11. Japan's population falls 'by record 244,000' 2013
  12. Human Population Growth Creeps Back Up Sep 13
  13. Is population growth out of control? Sep 13
  14. Can we be sure the world's population will stop rising? Oct 12
  15. When will the 7 billionth human be born? Oct 11
  16. Perils of baby sex preference Jul 11
  17. Is India's population policy sexist? Jul 11
  18. Taiwan's birth rate plummets to 0.9 despite government measures Aug 11. Taiwan has the world's lowest birth rate.
  19. Dubious assumptions prime population bomb May 11
  20. Nigeria population: Sachs' three-baby plan 'tricky' May 11
  21. UN warns on Vietnam birth ratio Oct 10
  22. China's one-child policy - success or failure? Sept 10
  23. South Koreans told to go home and make babies 20 Jan 2010 South Korea has one of the world's lowest birth rates
  24. China faces growing sex imbalance 11 Jan 2010 More than 24 million Chinese men of marrying age could find themselves without spouses by 2020. The gender imbalance among newborns is the most serious demographic problem for the country's population of 1.3 billion. The academy of social science cites sex-specific abortions as a major factor, due to China's traditional bias towards male children.
  25. Brazil's soap operas linked to dramatic drop in birth rates Sep 09
  26. Shanghai urges 'two-child policy' Jul 09
  27. China 'may revamp one-child rule' 29 February 2008
  28. Population and Sustainability: Can We Avoid Limiting the Number of People? Sci Am 09
  29. Chinese fertility drugs challenge one-child policy May 27, 2007 Many Chinese take fertility drugs in the hope of a multiple pregnancy.
  30. Riots as women forced to undergo abortions May 28, 2007 Residents in a riot-torn county in south China admit they violated family planning policy, but say government retribution, including forced abortions, was illegal and excessive.
  31. China warns of population growth 7 May 2007 China's top family planning body has warned of a "population rebound" as couples flout one child policy rules.
  32. China 'to punish' two-child rich 1 March 2007.
  33. Japan birth rate shows rare rise 1 January 2007 The fertility rate - the average number of children a woman bears in her lifetime - was expected to be 1.29 in 2006, compared to the record low of 1.26 in 2005. However, a rate of 2.1 is needed to prevent a population drop
  34. Large families 'bad for parents' 26 December 2006 The situation was worst for women, because they were affected by the physical costs of bearing the children. Fathers' mortality risk increased the more children they had, but never exceeded that of mothers.

Left: Ozone hole trends 1979-2013. Right: Jan-Dec 2016. Due to newer contaminants from making PVC, closing the ozone hole may be delayed for 30 more years.

The Ozone Hole

  1. Ozone layer recovery could be delayed by 30 years 2017
  2. Record hole in ozone layer 'no cause for alarm' 2015
  3. Antarctic ozone hole is on the mend 2016

Sustainable Society

  1. Electric cars already cheaper to own and run than petrol or diesel – study 2017
  2. Indian solar power prices hit record low, undercutting fossil fuels 2017
  3. Full tilt: giant offshore wind farm opens in North Sea 2017
  4. Renewables cut Europe's carbon emissions by 10% in 2015, says EEA 2017
  5. Catch wave power in floating nets 2016
  6. World's environment parliament agrees 25 steps to save the Earth 2016
  7. The Price of Solar Is Declining to Unprecedented Lows 2016
  8. Renewable energy capacity overtakes coal 2016
  9. Next-Generation Batteries Ramp Up Capacity 2016
  10. Investment in renewables was double that of coal and gas in 2015 2016
  11. New type of ‘flow battery’ can store 10 times the energy of the next best device 2015
  12. Getting creative to cut methane from cows 2015
  13. Australian PM bans renewable energy body from investing in wind 2015
  14. How Tanzania plans to light up a million homes with solar power 2015
  15. China ‘deserves more credit’ for renewable energy effort 2015
  16. Harvard Reveals Quality and Quantity of Key Crops is Changing 2015
  17. Wind turbines take to the skies to seek out more power 2014
  18. Giant solar farm uses molten salt to keep power coming 2014
  19. Sunflower solar harvester provides power and water 2014
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Biofuels and Peak Oil

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