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Available as either a 7 CD Windows/Mac package including Genesis of Eden and The Black Book of Many Colours or on tape as a VHS video movie. It is currently available in European PAL format. Orders for NTSC versions will be accepted and converted
in a batch of 10 at a time to minimize costs.

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30m min Apocalypsia-Jerusalem preview CD is avaliable on request, to media representatives.

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Apocalypsia is a double-feature length stream of consciousness account of the millennial vigil from the Andes to the Amazon, from Rio to Avalon, Rome, Israel and India, to open the epoch of the Tree of Life in reflowering the diversity of life on Earth.

Jerusalem peace proposal

The true unveiling in cosmic and evolutionary time is now, in the awakening of humanity to the inner workings of the universe, from the big bang to the quantum, from the genetic code, even to the doors of perception. On the sinister side, we have committed genocide and embraced nuclear holocaust. We are heedlessly destroying our genetic heritage through the inferno of life's diversity and ill-conceived genetic modification. We are hurtling towards a mass extinction of life which could cause ten million years of genetic and social famine if we don't destroy ourselves in the process.

This seed celebration is to reflower the Tree of Life hidden since the foundation of the world, which returns at the end of time in the Apocalypse, a cataclysm which has always had the hidden meaning of "bridal unveiling". The return of the lost feminine face in all her manifold forms, Asherah, Gaia, Shulamite, Magdalen, Shekhinah, to bless the Earth in natural abundance and matrimonial concord.

Apocalypsia Preview Gallery

Illustrations and commentary on key episodes in the Jerusalem episode of Apocalypsia:

  1. The Opening
  2. Reflowering the Tree of Life - Mount of Olives - Millennium Eve
  3. Hymn to the Epoch
  4. Gaia-Isaiah 61: The Anointing Reading Shekhinah-mashiach
  5. The Dawn Vigil
  6. Millennium Israel-Palestine
  7. Jerusalem: the Shulamite and the Tree of Life
  8. Epiphany: Weaving Renewal
  9. Opening the Gates of Compassion
  10. Sacred Marriage at the Wailing Wall

Part 1: Shekhinah-mashiach (55 mins).

The Opening, The Mount of Olives millennial reunion, Rachem Altzion, Hymn to the Epoch, Gaia-Isaiah (61) - The Anointing , Shekhinah, celebrating the dawn, the millennium from the world to Jerusalem and Bethlehem, the Shulamite in old Jerusalem, the Epiphany renewal rites, including the gnostic Magdalen at Gethsemane, the vale of Kidron - renewing Asherah in Hezekiah's tunnel, the Gates of Mercy - "And thy gates shall not be closed day or night" (Isaiah 60), the Dome - cutting out the tongues of Fatima - repression of women in Islam, the Wailing Wall - consummating the Song of Songs.

Part 2: Ella (55 mins).

The Jerusalem Epiphany celebration and seminar on Biodiversity. Miriam's Well and the anatomy of Ella. Ella in women's spirituality in Israel. Kali, Shiva and Buddha in Katmandu and Varanasi. The burning ghats - death, time and Kali. The feminine as temporal. Killing the girl child, dowry, bride burning and living suttee. The girl child as renewer of the Earth. Avalon and the Grail. The thorn tree and the Tor. The descent to the underworld at Kennet. Oxford. Science as the feminine. Biocosmology unveiled from the big bang through gender to the prescient mind. Cambridge. Under the English Channel.

Part 3: Eucharist and Empire (55 mins).

Albi and the origins of the Inquisition in the crusade against the perfecti. Carcassonne and Beziers as religious genocides. The witch burnings at Strasbourg, and in Lorraine, Germany and Switzerland. The Ascension ceremony at Saintes Marie de la Mer. Rome and the Immaculate Conception liberated. Florentine renaissance. Milan and the Jungian stream of apocalypse. Amsterdam and the living sacraments of the biosphere. Shamanism and the visionary in nature.

Part 4: Paradiso (55 mins)

Christianity and the Inca tradition in Puno, Cuzco and Maccu Picchu. Over the high Andes to Quillabamba and the Urubamba valley. Down the Pongo de Manique gorge to the Amazon Basin. The long river vigil through Sepahua, Atalaya, Pucallpa, Iquitos, Leticia to Manaus. Human impact on the Amazon and its tributaries. Murder in the National parks. Going south up the Madeira.

Part 5: Inferno (58 mins).

Titicaca. Isla del Sol as the birth place of the deities. Inti, Viracocha and the Pachamama. Christianity as sacrificial new comer. The Inferno of the Amazon from satellite and on ground zero. Wildlife in La Paz. The burning season circuit of Bolivia. Logging, burning and bulldozer as apocalyptic agents of destruction. Wildlife under apocalypse. The maranatha of Quetzalcoatl at San Ignacio. The Pantanal and "los tornados" - holocaust country. The biodiversity communique at Rio. Ascension from the Cristo Redemptor.


Chris King - concept, production, soma, sangre, photography
Jane King - notre dame, photography


Sarah Tov - realization
Deborah Brous - celebration
Nikki Newburger - vision
Yitzhak Hayutman - amity
Eliazer Halevi - tohu wabohu
Eliyahu McLean - collective mashiach, shofar

"Hymn to the Epoch"
Chris King
- song, lyrics, dulcimer, keyboard, vocals
Tania Susskind - violin
Jane King, Sara Tov - vocals

Hannah Elise Omer - apocalyptic art, Ella's anatomy
Shelley Elkayam - amen
Leon Saponar - harmony
Sonja Twite - Mary's well
Iris Yotvat - farewell

Rohan King - piano
Heath King - Epiphany photography

Sarah Yapp
- prescience

Eucharist and Empire

"Living on the Open Road"
Chris King
- dulcimer, lyrics
Heath King - guitar, bass, drums

Yolanda and Fabrice Dubosc - biodiversity Milan


Adam Walter - camaraderie
Heath King - photography
Rohan King - piano

José Luis Quiroz S.
- passage

- passage, Janet - interview

Teresa Flores B.
- ecologia