Apocalypsia Preview

Episode 1 Israel-Palestine

  1. The Opening
  2. Reflowering the Tree of Life - Mount of Olives - Millennium Eve
  3. Hymn to the Epoch
  4. Gaia-Isaiah 61: The Anointing Reading Shekhinah-mashiach
  5. The Dawn Vigil
  6. Millennium Israel-Palestine
  7. Jerusalem: the Shulamite and the Tree of Life
  8. Epiphany: Weaving Renewal
  9. Opening the Gates of Compassion
  10. Sacred Marriage at the Wailing Wall

The Opening

This seed celebration is to reflower the Tree of Life hidden since the foundation of the world, which returns at the end of time in the Apocalypse, a cataclysm which has always had the hidden meaning of "bridal unveiling". The return of the lost feminine face in all her manifold forms, Asherah, Gaia, Shulamite, Magdalen, Shekhinah, to bless the Earth in natural abundance and matrimonial concord.

The true unveiling in cosmic and evolutionary time is now, in the awakening of humanity to the inner workings of the universe, from the big bang to the quantum, from the genetic code, even to the doors of perception. On the sinister side, we have committed genocide and embraced nuclear holocaust. We are heedlessly destroying our genetic heritage through the inferno of life's diversity and ill-conceived genetic modification. We are hurtling towards a mass extinction of life which could cause ten million years of genetic and social famine if we don't destroy ourselves in the process.

Reflowering the Tree of Life - Mount of Olives - Millennium Eve

The Circle of Light

Illuminations of Shekhinah

The Dome of the Rock from the Reflowering Vigil

Hymn to the Epoch

Shelley: "It's a true hymn Chris"
Chris: "Well it's an honour to sing it in Jerusalem"

Tania Susskind

Hymn to the Epoch (all links to Genesis of Eden pages)

Why punish Eve for the fear of her Wisdom
when all you can do is lay waste to this place?
Why do you stand with your thumb on the button
ready to press it to end the human race?

Why did you have to unleash Armageddon?
Why did you have to make nuclear war?
Why did you circumcize all your daughters?
Why did you stone them and say they were whores?

Why did you shut them in houses and nunneries,
naked in brothels, imprisoned in veils?
And why did you slaughter the bridegroom of summer,
a light to the gentiles, hanging on nails?

Why the six hundred year long Inquisition
and why did you burn every witch at the stake?
Why did you burn all the groves from the temples
and cut out the tongues of the women who spake?

Do you hope that Trinity will undo the holocaust?
That two hundred warheads are a dove-call for peace?
Why do you punish the daughters of Palestine
when marriage to the land can then never take place?

Do you not realize you are torching the forests?
fishing the oceans, polluting the streams?
Did you not understand when you set up Chernobyl
that long bitter waters would flow through our dreams?

Can you not see we are shredding the garment?
The desert of life is a difficult birth.
The time has now come, the asherim are calling
lying on a shore at the ends of the earth.

This is my hymn to the future of Zion
the crown of your fortune, the seal of your strife
your tenure on earth comes from loving your neighbour
as flesh of your flesh and the love of your life.

This is the love song of Sheba and Solomon,
this is the life hymn of Heaven and Earth,
this is the marriage of Kingdom and Garden
throughout our generations.

The descent of the mashiach Hannah Elise Omer

The Anointing Reading

Isaiah 61 as collective/partnership mashiach
anointing in the name of Gaia and God

The Spirit of God is upon us;
The Spirit of Gaia is within us
because they hath anointed us
to sing good tidings unto the meek;
they hath sent us to bind up the brokenhearted,
to proclaim liberty to the captives,
and the opening of the prison to them that are bound;

  To proclaim the acceptable year , ...
to comfort all that mourn;

To appoint unto them that mourn in Zion,
in Palestine, in Sidon and Syria, Arabia and the world,
to give unto them beauty for ashes,
the oil of joy for mourning,

the garments of love for the spirit of heaviness;
that they might be called trees of compassion,
the planting of the divine,
that all might be glorified
in the abundance of Wisdom .

And we shall renew the old wastes,
we shall restore the former desolations,
and we shall repair the waste cities,
the desolations of many generations.

They hath clothed us with the garments of salvation
and I as a bridegroom decketh myself with ornaments
and I as a bride adorneth myself with jewels

For as the Earth bringeth forth her bud,
and as the garden causeth the things that are sewn in it to spring forth
so shall harmony and fulfillment spring forth
among all the generations. (Isaiah 61)

"This day is this scripture fulfilled in your ears."

Ah woman!

Anointing at Lararus' Cave

The Dawn Vigil

Sunrise as the Millennium begins at Midnight in New Zealand

Peace Balloons released over the Old City

Millennium Israel-Palestine

The Ascension site Mount of Olives

Consorting with winebibbers at midnight: Jerusalem
"We have not piped for you yet yet have not mourned"

The mashiach's ass and Lazarus not Balaam's ass, but animal abuse.

Millennium Bethlehem
2000 deranged doves of peace (green) relased at midnight in the midst of fireworks.Many of those which did not die in confusion against the walls were feathered by the crowd.

Jerusalem, the Shulamite and the Tree of Life

Snow over the dome and Al Aqsa.

Al Jabary mufti of Al Aqsa said: Over Jeruslaem in heaven there grows a tree and out of that tree flow three rivers Judaism, Christianity and Islam".

The Gnostic, the Kabbalist and the Sufi - the three inner rivers.

But a fourth river ran out of Eden
the darkened occluded river of the Shulamite Queen.

Old Jeruslaem: Christian Quarter

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