Opening the Gates of Compassion

A Proposal for Jerusalem and the reflowering of planet Earth.

Media Release: A Wisdom Earth Democracy initiative
                                   from ground-zero Jerusalem -

Jerusalem is our cultural and spiritual navel.
"Apocalypsia" is her bridal unveiling.

Apocalypsia Preview

A preview copy of the movie "Apocalypsia" is made freely available as our CV to open up an innovative peace initiative for Jerusalem and for the future of planet Earth. We ask you to preview this CD to explore fully our 30 min Quicktime introduction to "Apocalypsia" filmed on site in the old city during and after the Millennium. We warn you that it contains provocative material about gender and violence in the name of religion. It also opens up, both for women worldwide, and for the future of biodiversity - our own future - immense possibilities for reconciliation, restoration and survival.


We call for Jerusalem to become an international city of peace for planet Earth. "Jerusalem" is by name the "city of peace". The United Nations proposal was for Jerusalem to be an international city of unity. Its destiny is woven into the fabric of world culture. It remains to this day our city of the fractured vision of planet Earth. Only when the dove returns with the sprig of the tree to the Mount of Olives and feminine wisdom to Moriah, will our human destiny be healed.
We call on the people of Israel and Palestine, of the three paths of the book - Islam, Christianity and Judaism to open the Gates of Mercy and free the Asherah confined in the "Noble Sanctuary", whose dome is a Sufi mandala for the restoration of paradise - the planting of the diversity heritage.
In "Apocalypsia" we call from the sacred ground of the Gates of Mercy for all the gates to be opened in the respect of all paths and the reunion of all peoples - of the three paths of the book , of the feminine in all her forms, Shekhinah, Gaia, the Shulamite, of those that are pagan, of those of every cultural and ethnic tradition, and those who do not want to be associated with any label whatever. This is the natural affirmation in reunion with science, in fulfilment of the human existential condition, of Zion among the Nations and of the tree of living diversity.

Until the feminine is restored to the Temple Mount, it will remain a psychological vortex for patriarchal division. It has recently been suggested in negotiations that Mount Moriah - the "Temple Mount" should also become the province of God, but this solution is incomplete and unconsummated. The sacred marriage of religion with the "Holy Land", Israeli with Palestinian and ours with planet Earth will only be consummated when the Asherah is restored to us all and the Tree of Life is reflowered.

"Apocalypsia" is the healing, but it will also raise a storm.

Chris King (soma, sangre) / Jane King (notre dame).
Chris : [email protected]
Jane : [email protected]

"Apocalypsia" - CD preview version
Opening the Gates of Compassion

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