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Exploding the Millennium
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"Not nature but the 'genius of mankind' has knotted the hangman's noose
with which it can execute itself at any moment" Carl Jung 1952 (Matter of Heart TV).

This page is a real time commentary on the risk of accidental or intentional nuclear holocaust and/or serious pollution events either from accidents as at Chernobyl and Fukushima or through the use of nuclear materials in a terrorist attack. The threat of nuclear conflagration remains a principal threat ot the survival of humanity, so this page is to keep a watch on events as they unfold to try to avoid these events causing unacceptable risk to the future of humanity.

In some respects the rush to nuclear mutually assured destruction is religious and in other respects it is political. The way of nature is the cosmological path, vastly older than the religious paths, or human culture and political power, which, by comparison, stand as a fresh dew on the lawn of time. The path of nature is as old as time itself. It was here in the creation of the universe and in the symmetry-breaking of the physical forces. It is no human myth or fantasy. It is woven with the warp and weft of biology and quantum mechanics. In it is encapsulated the paradox of conscious existence in a physical universe. So much more the reason not to destroy it in a wanton display of paranoia and ascendancy of one state, or culture, or religion over another.

Nuclear Warheads Map of the World - Reuters

  1. Current and Urgent Nuclear Issues
  2. Nuclear Armageddon
  3. Exploding MAD
  4. Chemical and Biological Weapons
  5. Biodiversity Holocaust

US and Russian Arsenals

100 megaton nuclear torpedo capable of causing a 500m tsunami and killing everyone
1500 kms into US territory using cobalt 60.

Current and Urgent Nuclear Issues:

At sunrise one will see a great fire.
Noise and light extending towards the north.
Within the Earth death and cries are heard.
Death awaiting them through weapons, fire and famine.
Nostradamus C 2 Q 91 (Hogue 209).

Nuclear Armageddon:

By comparison with the minor apocalypse of Jerusalem in the time of Jesus, the 20th century stands apocalyptic in the entire history of earth, as the century in which we gained the power to annihilate ourselves and three thousand million years of evolution. Although the threat of nuclear Armageddon is receding, there were several times during the cold war when the world came close to a red alert. To put ourselves in a situation where we could anihilate globally over an accidental first-strike shows no understanding at all. There is one and only one conceivable use for such power and that is protecting earth from an incoming comet or asteroid.

The first Atomic Bomb test the "Trinity" explosion, July 1945
The nearest town to the site was Truth or Consequences.

Chernobyl means "Wormwood"
Revelation 8:11 "And the name of the star is called Wormwood:
and the third part of the waters became wormwood;
and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter."

The real test of Truth or Consequences is to achieve Sakina now - no more Wormwood - enough!
We do not need a nuclear winter either by accident or design.

Trinity Before
"The Trinity Test, the first test of a nuclear bomb went off as planned on July 16 1945, leaving lifelong indelible memories. None as vivid for me as that brief flash of heat on my face, sharp as noon-day for a watcher 10 miles away in the cold desert pre-dawn, while our own false sun rose on the earth and set again" Philip Morrison Sci Am Aug 95

In many a dark hour I've been thinking about this
That Jesus Christ was betrayed by a kiss
But I can't think for you, you'll have to decide
Whether Judas Iscariot had God on his side

So now as I'm leaving, I'm weary as hell
The confusion I'm feeling, ain't no tongue can tell
The words fill my head and fall to the floor
If God's on our side, He'll stop the next war

Bob Dylan

Countdown to the Mahdi A historical account of Iran's involvement with anticipating the Mahdi and the relationship with its nuclear and geo-political ambitions as expressed in the statements of its current president and the reactions of others in the world including Israel.

Exploding MAD


Atmospheric Test French Polynesia

"Controversy still exists on the reasons for destroying Hiroshima and Nagasaki with atomic bombs that killed more than 100,000 people and wounded a like number. ... Those who opposed dropping the bombs, among whom were many of the scientists involved in developing them, argued in retrospect that U.S. use of the atomic bomb may have been the first act of the cold war. The USSR acquired them in 1949." (Grollier Encyclopedia) Thousands of nuclear weapons have been produced totalling up to 40 times planetary overkill. There have been at least three near holocausts, the Cuban missile crisis, first strike alerts during the Star Wars period, and potential computer malfunction during the time the Pershing2 missiles were installed at very short range. Turning the entire planet into a suicide bomb is a patriarchial violation of the Tao. We are still cluttered with nuclear warheads in store - nuclear disarmament is still only a myth.

Atom Bomb, Megiddo the Biblical Armageddon, Hiroshima August 1945
(Purnell's Concise Encyclopedia of Science 34 lower left Pritchard 1974)

One Point Safe (Cockburn)

In a recently published book Andrew and Leslie Cockburn jointly document the increasing risk of nuclear disaster posed both by nuclear terrorism and by continuing hair-trigger nuclear alert protocols. Surprisingly, despite the end of the Cold War, the remaining nuclear arsenals which still constitute some 15 times overkill are still programmed to hair-trigger massive retaliation for a supposed first-strike. The risk of accidental catastrophe still remains.

In addition large new risks have arisen from lax security at nuclear installations in Russia where under-paid workers and failing equipment cannot prevent significant acts of nuclear theft. During the Chechenya crisis serious threats were made of nuclear blackmail. The hundred missing nuclear suitcase bombs pointed to by Alexander Lebed are still to be located by a special commission of inquiry in Russia, after an initial unsuccessful attempt to deny Lebed's claims.

The Sedan Test Nevada 1962 made a 1,200 ft wide crater displacing 12 million tons of earth.
China delayed ratifying the nuclear test ban treaty in 1996 partly because of a desire to use nuclear explosions
for projects like diverting the Bramaputra river of Tibet to the Gobi Desert.At the Chinese Academy
of Engineering Physics, Beijing Dec 95 "we certainly can accomplish this project" Sceintic American June 96.

Depleted Uranium

Mar 98 Nuclear Warheads down by half but 36,000 still remain
Four out of five nuclear storage sites worldwide have been closed since the end of Cold War and the number of bombs has shrunk by nearly half, according to a study published in March 1998. The survey by the Natural Resources Defence Council in Washington estimated the five declared nuclear powers deployed about 36,000 nuclear weapons at the end of 1997 down from nearly 70,000 in the mid 1980s. The warheads housed at an estimated 142 spots in 11 countries " a five-fold decrease" in the number of storage sites in less than a decade, according to the council, which is considered to be authoritative on nuclear-related issues. The number of warheads and deployment sites was due to go on shrinking as older nuclear weapons continue to be retired and the United States and Russia pare their arsenals under Strategic Arms Reduction (Start) treaties. "If one key to disarmament is verification and physical control, the trends in nuclear deployments ... provide hope that forces, weapons and materials can be constrained and controlled," especially if transparency increases, it said. Willian Arkin, a nuclear weapons expert who is one of the three co-authors of the study, estimated that the five nuclear powers maintained as many as 1200 nuclear storage sites when US-Soviet tensions peaked in the mid-1980s. "By 1990 that number had declined to 600 and today it's down" to an estimated 142, he said." (NZ Herald)

 Nuclear Power  On hand  Alert Ready
 US  15000  5000
 Russia +  15000  5000
 China    500
 France    350
 Britain    200
 Israel    100-200
 India    50
 Pakistan  10-20  

Nuclear Warheads held by Nuclear Powers 1998

"No longer housing nuclear weapons on their soil today are South Korea and the US Pacific territory of Guam as well as former Warsaw Pact military alliance members Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland and what were East Germany and Czechoslovalda. Fourteen former Soviet republics also are no longer deployment sites: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Khirgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan. About 14,000 of the almost 36,000 existing warheads await dismantlement or are in the process of being retired, according to the 93 page study, Taking Stock: World-wide Nuclear Deployments 1998. Of the 12,070 warheads that make up the US arsenal, about 1350 are scheduled for destruction over the next three years. The Russian stockpile was estimated at 22,500, only 10,240 of which were thought to be operational. The study cited great uncertainty about China's nuclear arsenal, including the size of the nuclear bomber force and the number of nuclear-tipped ballistic missiles. The study's co-authors Robert Norris, Joshua Handler and Arkin said their estimate of 400 Chinese nuclear weapons at 20 or so storage sites was based partly on the number of 'dedicated missiles and bomber delivery systems.' The number of US nuclear weapons in Europe has shrunk dramatically from more than 6000 in the early 1980s to some 150 at 10 air bases in seven countries Belgium, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Turkey and Britain. The United States is the only country with weapons outside its borders. Norris said by telephone that Israel, Pakistan and India were undeclared nuclear states. He said India and Pakistan had components that could be assembled quickly to produce perhaps a dozen or more bombs each whereas Israel had 'what I believe to be ready to use arsenal of perhaps 100 nuclear weapons'." (Realized since)

Israel has since confessed to having 200 weapons. Perez the father of the program confessed this in Amman in 1998. This is called the Samson option for the way in which Israel would pull the pillars down on the whole Middle East through using its nuclear option. This would be a far greater act of suicide than Massada and thus far more foolish.

The Agape of Armageddon and The Sunken Sophia of the Rainbow Warrior,
named after a Native American myth which says that when the world faces destruction,
the rainbow warriors will return to ensure its regeneration (Greenpeace).
There is a parallel Buddhist myth of the Shambhala warriors.

Testing Toll (Tim Beardsley Scientific American)

In the 50 years since Little Boy and Fat Man destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki, 2,034 tests of nuclear bombs have been conducted worldwide, according to Robert S. Norris and William M. Arkin of the Natural Resources Defense Council. China - which exploded four devices between 1993 and April of 1998 - is still testing, and France has announced plans to restart. Of the world total, 511 were atmospheric tests. (The most recent of these was conducted by China in 1980.) Together these uncontained explosions were the equivalent of detonating 438 million tons of TNT. When combined with standard risk factors, assessments by the United Nations suggest that fallout from such testing could lead to 1.2 million fatal cancers, notes Arjun Makhijani of the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research. Only about 15 percent of the dose has been delivered; the rest will accrue over coming millennia. The actual number of cancers induced might be much smaller, because very low doses of radiation may be less harmful than risk assessments now assume. But some researchers believe the total could be larger. The toll will probably never be known, because cancers caused by fallout cannot be distinguished from others. It is clear that some populations are at particular risk.

Scientific American

For some 300,000 U.S. military personnel and civilians in high-fallout zones, atmospheric testing resulted in doses around 10 times higher than the global average caused by fallout, according to estimates by the Defense Nuclear Agency and Lynn R. Anspaugh of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and Bruce W. Church of the Department of Energy. Only about 50 U.S. citizens received doses above 0.1 Sievert, which is enough to give a 0.5 per cent chance of developing lethal cancer. But 253 Marshall islanders received higher doses after test shot Bravo was fired at Bikini atoll in the Pacific in 1954: 86 were exposed to more than one Sievert; many suffered burns. Things were even worse in the Altai region of Russia, notes Charles S. Shapiro of San Francisco State University. In one district down wind of the Semipalatinsk test site, 16,000 civilians received more than 0.8 Sievert-much of it from a single test in 1949.

Greenpeace protesters objecting to the Indian and Pakistani tests in Athens (Reuters).

Landmines: This document fully supports the banning of landmines worldwide.

Chemical and Biological Weapons

We are familiar with the 5000 Kurds killed by Saddam Hussein in an 'experimental' nerve gas attack and the Sarin attack in the Tokyo subway, however biological weapons have immense potential for harm because they are active living agents which can continue to spread. Any disease from ebola through botulism toxin and anthrax and plague to highly infectious mutant viral strains can be conceived and used as biological weapons:

Biological Toxins
 disease  agent  symptoms
 aflatoxin  Aspergillus flavus  nausea, vomiting,
liver failure, cancer
 anthrax  Bacillus anthracis  high fever, laboured breathing, rapid heartbeat
 botulism  Clostridium botulinum  nausea, fatigue, cramps, headache, respiratory paralysis
 plague  Versinia pestis  lung infection, pneumonia, heamorrhage
 ricin  Ricinis communis  convulsions, stupor, vomiting, bloody diarrhoea

Electromagnetic Carcinogenesis

Deadly Conflict in History

Biodiversity Holocaust

Biocrisis: A Real Time Investigation

We now face an era in which the genetic and ecosystemic diversity of the planet is threatened with a great extinction, which could take a hundred million years to recover substitute compensation, not the mere two thousand since the crucifixion. This process is being driven mindlessly by its own intertia, in default of any coherent vision of the future. The effects of technological change, economic imperative, over-population, resulting in the penetration of, impact upon and destruction of our great tropical forests and almost every type of ecosystem, the depletion of non-renewable mineral resources which have taken up to 300 million years to accumulate in one or two generations, catastrophic climatic change, wholesale removal of major forest ecosystems, and genetic manipulation, reduction of the biodiversity of cultivated plants, patenting and ownership, could reduce the biosphere and particularly our own food plants, to a fragile mechanism, which could be wasted by a single act of chaos, and ourselves into monsters of our own creation.

Past and predicted species extinctions.

Although each of us can react individually as rational beings to this situation, the global process is irrational and driven by economic and political expediency. We have the analytic knowledge of the nature and consequences of the situation, but have no understanding about what we are trying to do here on earth or what the purpose of human society is. No culture which rapes the earth for the current generation without regard for the welfare of future generations is likely to survive. This total lack of foresight is indicative of a failure of human wisdom to balance the analytical knowledge and physical powers we have discovered. It can be corrected only by a major emotional and spiritual re-alignment of the human population into a caring and nurturing relationship with the biosphere as our primary aim and purpose. Only this will bring about the political will and economic realities which will further a restoration of the sustainable paradigm of life and thus a secure and hopeful future for us all.

Although the spiritual quest also seeks answers to life after death and the illumination of the cosmic mind, it is in fertility that the true raw energy of spirituality reaches it's zenith. It is through fertility that each of us has come into being in an unbroken line from the first life on earth, some 3,000 million years ago, to wonder at existence and ponder our fate. It is in fertility that both our offspring and the environment in which we live will continue into the unfolding future. Although sex has introduced the burden of the death of the individual organism into evolution, because our genes are forever fragmented in altruistic intermingling in our offspring, we are collectively immortal, provided we act to protect the fountain of evolving life.

Two aspects of understanding go hand-in-hand. As body is to mind, so the scepticism of scientific theory and method, is to the unified motivation and love of all humanity for the continued existence of our offspring and for all things living and evolving - the ultimate Tao. The success of a soft-landing next century depends on conquering the self-directed motives of economic gain of the individual or individual societies. It also requires the knowledge that we stand in the cosmos, responsible for our actions, aware of our own free-will and the fate we perceive on the horizon. Achieving meaning will only come through a love and caring for the future of the immortal biosphere which transcends analytic logic, as a core expression of our free intent to participate in creating an unfolding world of life, rather than a mere technological and industrial mechanism.

If we lose half or more of the living species during the next century, both men and women will be weeping and not only for Tammuz for another 100 million years to come, for we will not only lose those creatures we know, but their future potential to create new and unforeseen wonders in the years to come. Our life story will never pass the same way again.

Chaos is the mother of order. It is through chaos that new form is created. We need the primal chaos of Eve to preserve the cosmic order. We need the closeness of Gaea, the ancient earth mother, to the continuity of life, to preserve the natural order. It is time to celebrate the seasons, to plant the sacred groves, and to restore the Huluppu tree to its place. Eve was right, sex is the physical embodiment of love in evolution!

There are two aspects to gender, sexual complementarity and nurturing. We exist because and only because the biosphere has a nurturing relationship with us. If we undermine the depth and complexity of this nurturing relationship, so will we be weakened, now and in aeons to come. The capacity to be subjectively aware carries with it the existence of the cosmic mind. The universal nature of the cosmic mind means that it is capable of interacting in terms of gender in its interaction with human experience and in synchronicity. This means that there is a potentiality out there for us to enter a creative merging with the cosmic mind. We don't do this because we naively believe in Eve. We do it because it is our intent to empower the unfolding of immortality, and because we realize that to relate to the biosphere through loving her as a dear mother is the true natural expression of the cosmic mind as embodied in the biosphere of planet earth, and all its sentient creatures. We love Eve because by loving her we all enter the immortal gateway of becoming. It is a spiritual reality manifest in a physical reality.

It is now time to acknowledge the wisdom of Leucothea the Sophia of the subconscious mind, to say Shalom Salome and return to Eve, in joint partnership, to unfold the gift of life we all share as evolving sentient creatures of the garden of earth. We will then unlock the keys to immortality, through the diverse genetic endowments of the biosphere, harvested during the thousands of millions of years since earth began, and through ages to come, in the enchanted loom of mutational and sexual evolution. By this act, we can each participate through the paradox of conscious free-will in unfolding the future golden age of the awakening, the Great Becoming we all know at the moment of death is the reason we came into this incarnated existence.

By doing so, we will literally explode the millennia into mere days in our immortal history. We can celebrate each apocalypse with a reckoning as to how we have done over the last ten centuries. Human culture has indeed achieved a great deal. The scientific age has seen the most extraordinary development of analytic knowledge to form the most stunningly imaginative and complex model of reality ever known, although ironically it lacks any basis to describe subjective experience. We now need a similar quantum leap of wisdom.

Although wisdom is described as feminine, this does not mean that women have an exclusive or even pivotal monopoly on it. Expressions of gender in human society are complex and multi-dimensional. They are shared in varied ways by individuals without regard to their gender. Wisdom is an intuitive caring foresight which complements analytic knowledge, and gives true expression to our creative intentionality. In a society with wisdom, human activity is freely and spontaneously ecosystemic. By releasing Sophia we release the soul of psychic intuition. To achieve wisdom may involve major changes to the patriarchial hierarchy however, so that the rule of order is ever complemented by the chaotic psyche of intuition. The rule of order is intrinsically liable to catastrophic collapse - the Armageddon of imposed order. The chaotic intuitive element provides the evolutionary and ecosystemic character necessary for a survival society. It also provides an understanding of the meaning and purpose of life in the conscious unfolding of our own free-will.

New Zealand has led the world in being a country which has adopted a national anti-nuclear stance. The Bogor cartoon shows the paradox of anti-nuclear politics and biodiversity devastation through monoclonal plantation logging. The woman's face was controversial, but shows the 'feminine face' as having the world in her eye and peace on her lips.

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