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The world is obsessed with the nuclear risk from smuggling in Russia but they are oblivious to the nuclear threat from milita in the US. This threat while small is gathering momentum with every day. If you read all these quotes together you can see Neal is preaching right at the people with their fingers on the button and they are about the most susceptible people on Earth. And they all think hell is about to break loose in 2000.

1. Steve Jones "In the Blood God Genes and Destiny" - Armageddon:

In 1988, according to Gallup, eight out of ten Americans believed that they would appear before the Lord on Judgment Day. ... The sense of an imminent end was strongest among those building the weapons of destruction that would, if ever used, lead to fire from heaven ('The elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up'). Almost all the workers in the Pantex atomic bomb plant in Amarillo, Texas thought they were taking part in the preparations for the Second Coming. Even now, there is evidence of imminent doom. Chernobyl means 'wormwood'.

2. "The End of Time" Damien Thompson:

Although not all of them think in terms of a 6,000-year timetable, they tend to believe that the completion of 2000 years of 'the Gospel Age' within a generation of the founding of the State of Israel indicates that the End-time itself is nearing its conclusion. ... As we have seen, this sense of living at the End of Time has become far stronger in the second half of the twentieth century, thanks to the foundation of the State of Israel and the development of nuclear weapons. With the approach of a new millennium, it is stronger than ever. ... There is no single evangelical push geared to the year 2000. There are dozens of them. ... Opposition to the 'New Age movement' and anything which is identified as connected with it, such as ecology, support for nuclear disarmament, or even meditation, has replaced older social taboos

3. "Nuclear Decisions Are For Ever". Secession Via Nuclear Weapons - Neal Horsley

The secession movement advocated by The Creator's Rights Party is no half-baked indulgance in military fantasy but includes within it the power to overrule, if necessary, the government of the United States of America. And the strategy is perfectly legal today! ... The secession movement strategy outlined below has the power to force the people of the United States of America to choose between three options: (1) return to God's plan for government; (2) allow a State or States to secede from the presently united States of America; or (3) enter a period of nuclear civil war.

With the exception of Secession itself, both conditions are presently in place. Condition One: Availability. Nuclear weapons are siloed, armoried, or secreted in virtually every State in these presently United States of America. One of the first acts a seceding State militia must accomplish will be the seizing of those nuclear weapons. Once in hand, that seceding State will have the power to force the rest of the citizens of the USA to choose between accepting secession as a fait accompli--a done deal--or launching nuclear civil war in the heretofore United States of America. Condition Two: Will. I represent a Political Party (The Creator's Rights Party) that would not hesitate to use nuclear weapons in defense of a State's Right to secede in order to restore God's plan for government.

I, Neal Horsley, candidate for Governor of the State of Georgia, guarantee that if enough people will cooperate with the strategy outlined here, legalized abortion, legalized homosexuality, and other grievous perversions of God's plan for government will be arrested in the USA.

They are applying the extremist principles expressed in "The Turner Diaries" to the antiabortion crusade - up to and including antigovernment nuclear terrorism, social/economic disruption and ecological sabotage in the name of god, country, race and "true" patriotism/christian spirituality

We need a list of names just like the one with all the clinic doctors to be killed, but these people are not to be hurt physically - just shamed in history - to the fortieth generation.

We have Dick Butler and we have Rev Donald Spitz and we have Neal Horsley of the Army of God. Who else do we have that are really pernicious leaders and fomenters of this crusade of 'religious' violence?

How about these? Michael Bray, author of the antiabortion book which advocates assassinating abortion doctors in the name of Jesus, "A Time To Kill", (he served time for clinic bombing) and publisher of the radical D.C. antiabortion newsletter "Capitol Area Christian News." William Pierce, head of the neo-nazi organization "The National Alliance, and author of "The Turner Diaries" and "Hunter", blueprints for U.S. government overthrow and ethnic cleansing thinly disguised as speculative fiction. Stephen Wetzel, director of Missionaries To The Unborn, an antiabortion terrorist front group. Joe Scheidler, director of the Pro_Life Action League and author of "Closed: 99 Ways To Stop Abortion", a manual on clinic sabotage and patient terror tactics. Tom Metzger, leader of the White Aryan Resistance (WAR), a neo- nazi organization linked to fascist indoctrination and incitement of skinhead hate crimes (including murder). Randell Terry, founder of Operation Rescue, which claimed to only block clinic entrances (bad enough), but in fact also staged clinic invasions, assault on clinic personnel and destruction of their medical equipment. Flip Benham, Terry's second-in-command. use this threat is linked to murder and bom threats on abortion clinics as well I am including a roll of all those named to be threats to world peace in the name of 'right to life'.

I include this as a memorial to Barnett Slepian whose name was crossed off the Creator's rights list upon his murder.