To: world political, economic and religious leaders
For: every sentient being on planet Earth.

Requital Document - Chris King - 1997



I am setting out this document of Requital, on the first anniversary of my millennial mission to save the biodiversity of our planet, to set the measure of world transformation and to address the issues which need to be resolved quickly and effectively if we are going to stop the holocaust of biodiversity and preserve our most precious living genetic garment for the benefit of future generations.

"To proclaim the acceptable year"

Spiritual Democracy and the Ethic of True Love:

I come as a follower, as a servant of the smallest among us to proclaim love and peace in the place of war and dominion - sakina in the place of jihad. True love, even of our enemies, so that a full requital can take place and Earth can again become whole. We cannot escape the alienation and angst of our existential dilemma until we realize our full potential in love and until we stop destroying our future heritage.

"To bind up the brokenhearted"

I am not here to be a secular or religious authority, but a catalyst to heal in freedom, to restore the questioning soul of humanity, our independence of insight and vision, the divine spark within, and our sense of direction in the unfolding of life's living diversity. To usher in a new epoch of spiritual democracy in our coming of age in the universe and in our assuming responsibility for our future - "I have said ye are gods and children of the most high". Spiritual democracy respects the Wisdom within our shared vision which can provide the foresight to deal with the unfolding future given the immense powers we have gained over the physical and natural world. Science cannot solve these questions, except to tell us the factual basis upon which we can make an ethical decision and any likely consequences. Neither can any religious dogma hope to address the new ethical issues being raised by scientific advance.

The Planting: A New Ecosystemic Synthesis:

Rio has passed with no effective result. The US continues delaying to ratify the world biodiversity accord, something which should be corrected forthwith. Kyoto has brought agreement for a moderate level of reduction, in CO2 emissions by the industrialized powers marred by rights-trading by the world's biggest CO2 polluter. Biodiversity remains the number one long-term issue. Sumatra and the Amazon are burning and the seas are polluted and over-fished. El Niño is rumbling, the ice sheets crumbling. World peace and disarmament are nowhere in sight. Nuclear weapons remain abundant and there is increasing risk of nuclear proliferation. Militarization still takes precedence over world poverty and world health. The Millennium is upon us reflecting the consequences of our actions and our illusions.

If we do not act now to renew the world order, all the signs are that hypocracy and short-term winner-take-all greed will decimate biodiversity and the resources of our planet in a "tragedy of the commons" which will strip and burn our great rain forests, the lungs of our green planet and the cradle of our living diversity, the riches of the oceans, and our very atmosphere, leaving only an "accursed share" in perpetuity to our own descendents, our very life blood of the future. Such selfishness in one generation will cause all of us to be cursed, not for millennia, but for millions of years. As I stand on this earth in a climacteric spanning all of evolutionary time - cosmological time also - I cannot afford to leave biodiversity to drift any further towards holocaust.

"Trees of righteousness, the planting of the Lord"

It is thus time for all of us on planet Earth to come to a new synthesis, a restoration and replanting of nature, to undo the damage of pollution, nuclear fallout, habitat destruction and exploitation of every available resource, in a replanting of life for the future of our own offspring and for the unfolding diversity of life itself, while there is still time and the jewel of biodiversity is yet with us.

"and they shall build the old wastes
and they shall raise up the former desolations ... of many generations ...
as the earth bringeth forth her bud,
and as the garden causeth the things that are in it to spring forth."

This can take place only through a complete re-examination of what ecosystemic society means, which goes beyond the male-invented cliches of egocentric capitalistic right and homocentric socialistic left in the political spectrum to form a new ecocentric cultural ethic based on regional autonomy and true democracy.

Bottom Line:

Feminine Apocalypse:

The millennial 'apocalypse' is, by definition, the 'unveiling' of the bride - the end of the occlusion of the feminine and her sequestering and repression. This bride is the feminine spirit, returning to her sacred place of natural sustainability to complete our vision and to correct the imbalance and oppression of the patriarchal cultural epoch. Until respect for the feminine and for nature is restored to its sacred status, men will continue to rape and plunder the earth in the name of science, of progress, and of God. I thus ask all of you on this planet, male and female alike, to respect the restoration of the feminine spirit of Wisdom and sustainability.

"and as a bride adorneth herself with her jewels"

As a male messenger of this feminine apocalypse I invite women of all walks to meet together and with men of like mind in gathering empowerment to join in discussing as widely, transparently and democratically as possible the future nature of this "replanting" of sustainable ecosystemic human culture. I believe it needs more than the gender tokenism of an equal share of the vote, because somehow men generally pack the representation deck even given "equal opportunity". The process needs equanimity of representation of women at every stage, either by proportionate representation or by gender consensus. Only by such a forward-looking initiative now will we have a good prospect of a soft genetic landing next century and a verdant world of diversity to save for our living future. I am thus not here to lead, but to apologise to the womankind of the world for their treatment over the last two millennia and the destruction wrought upon the Earth by mankind and to ask you to join in the sacred marriage of the biosphere in reunion and in forgiveness so that our immortal living heritage will be preserved.

Bottom Line:

Social Justice:

No action on the world environment and ecosystem can be successful without real and equitable social justice. To fulfil this agenda means freeing people from bondage, particularly from political imprisonment and repression, poverty and ill health, but also from their double-binds and misconceptions - from the joint tyrannies of mechanism and fundamentalism, from social programming through commercial advertising and other forms of illusion and indoctrination.

"To proclaim liberty to the captives and the opening of prison to them that are bound"

Poverty and hunger are prisons. While some people in the world consume over 100 times the resources of others and live in luxury, most of the world's people live in hunger and poverty. While the rich developed nations enjoy ostensible democracy and human rights, most of the world's people struggle simply to survive, often under the yoke of political and/or gender oppression. While the rich of developed countries have their pick of space-age medical techniques, people in the prison of poverty have little or none. In caring for the health of the world, we also need to care equitably for the health of each of us that are alive at a given point in time. While the glaring economic inequities characterised by "north and south" continue, economic colonialism remains a millstone to any reconstruction of the natural environment. While the richer nations extract natural resources from the underdeveloped world at cheap prices, nature is squandered and population pressures continue because the demographic transition is delayed along with rising living standards and full education.

The egocentric ethics of capitalism does not adequately address the severe inequalities that can and do arise in society from real differences in opportunity. The foundation of a meaningful human society is caring: "From each according to their abilities to each according to their needs". The free-market ethic violates this principle of human caring by asserting: "From each according to their resources to each according to their investment". Social conscience is required to fulfil the agenda of social responsibility. This conscience can only come from an ethic of love, not only for one's kin and neighbour, but even for one's "enemies" - the Hapiru or "outsiders" who lie beyond our domains of kin and reciprocal altruism.

Under the free-market ethic, taxation is minimised, social services to the poor and needy are cut. Responsibility for social justice becomes a voluntary indulgence of those rich and powerful people and nations who choose to be altruistic. True social justice requires making consensus economic sacrifices and political decisions which transform the egocentric ethic of capitalism, without imposing a totalitarian homocentric ethic, as has been the bane of communism. An ecocentric ethic is required for a sustainable society. This requires a new socio-political synthesis which can only be developed through ethical debate in a free society, not through political manipulation and corporate control of the media and economy. I am thus calling for in-depth discussion on the form of ecocentric society to be brought to Sakina for consideration.

Justice cannot come unless the rich nations are prepared to give fairly to those of the poor and less developed nations. It is sheer hubris for the so-called democratic electorates of developed countries such as the US to campaign for less taxes while consuming the lions share of the world's resources and begrudging any curbing of their CO2 emissions.

Bottom Line:

Free Market Genetics:

Much of the problem is sourced not in individual greed but in corporate greed. Corporate transnational organizations have become a law unto themselves which violate all principles of national sovereignty, regional autonomy and grass-roots democracy. It is essential that the power of transnational investment is subject to democratic scrutiny by the people of this planet.

While western politicians espouse principles of electoral democracy, international trade agreements are negotiated for the benefit of transnational corporations who are not elected democratically, who command and exploit the world's diminishing resources and dominate world media without any direct accountability to the human population. Corporate interests control the world economy in a way which now bypasses all democratic electoral processes. World free-trade agreements result in a net loss of national autonomy, particularly for smaller and less developed economies in ways which their electorates have no power or control over. Until such corporate organizations become democratically accountable to the populations they serve, such treaties will simply remain instruments of capital colonialism and serve to accelerate the exploitation of the dwindling resources of the planet by the quickest to get to them and the greediest.

The free-market is touted as a natural ecological vehicle of efficiency through competition, but the 'free-market' is not genetic, because company law allows complete liquidation and re-direction of company investment. Companies can thus escape accountability for damaging, exploitive behavior because they do not contain the genetic principle which is essential to the sustainability of survivors in a surviving biosphere. Without any genetic principles, the free-market is dangerously prone to overshoot and catastrophic rebound caused by rapid over-exploitation of resources to reap short-term gain in advance of other players or regulatory protection. .

Bottom Line:

Genetic Technology and Freedom of Information:

Two illustrations of how anti-democratic such activities can become are indicative. Monsanto is busy buying up major world seed producers while using coercive policies to force the adoption of patented genetically-engineered seed stock resistant to its own brands of herbicide. All such initiatives are taken without public request or advance ethical debate, on the pretext of corporate trade secrets and intellectual property rights. The effect is the planting of vast productive areas of the planet with zero-diversity monoclones, severe loss of genetic diversity and private ownership of our world heritage. While Bill Gates rightly opposed the big-brother attempts of the Clinton administration to make world encryption open to the US security agency, Microsoft is becoming a real threat to the future freedom and independence of the internet - something destined to become the 'noosphere', our one central expression of human conscious interaction. This undercuts freedom of information and the foundation of a democratic world society.

The issues of freedom of information and genetic technology are absolutely pivotal to our future. Major changes which are crossing deep ethical watersheds are being made in secret by companies for profit alone and are not submitted in advance to society for any democratic process of ethical consideration. Industry is able to apply sufficient influence to government, particularly in the US, to bypass the electorate. Corporate scientists attempt to bypass consumer opinion by claiming the consuming public's ethical concerns are based on ignorance of the scientific issues, religious misconceptions, or frankly that society will just have to accept the inevitable onrush of progress in the development of genetic engineering technology in a relentlessly changing world. This is frank intellectual prostitution.

Many of these new genetic technologies may bring great benefit, but they are being developed in a completely unethical, undemocratic and clandestine way, which is by-passing the very social forward thinking that is essential to prevent us falling into an evolutionary end-game and potential extinction. The future ecological security of our food species is at increasing risk. They are being replaced by non-viable, infertile and engineered varieties and both the original genetic diversity and wild habitats are being rapidly lost. Germ plasm banks cannot save our food plant heritage alone.

Science lacks any intrinsic ethical qualities. For every scientific ecologist trying to save the planet there is an unscrupulous genetic engineer undoing their work in monoclonal gene tech products. Gene tech depends on biodiversity for its genetic resources but is the single most serious threat to biodiversity outside direct habitat destruction. It raises completely new ethical issues relating to the very future of evolution and the genetics of the human germ line, which cannot be dealt with by scientists and industry and government experts alone on the assumption of an ignorant general population.

Bottom Line:

Healing Population:

World population is a very significant factor in both poverty and hunger and in habitat destruction and loss of biodiversity. There is urgent need to realize an abatement of population growth before we all suffer the consequences severely next century. However the population problem is complicated by severe economic and energy-consumption inequities. While population growth in much of the developed world has declined or even reversed as a result of the "demographic transition" accompanying higher living standards and better education, the developing world is caught in a vicious cycle of exploitation which results in poverty, hunger, lack of education, population growth and habitat destruction. Population cannot be addressed without addressing educational, gender, and economic inequity between the developed and developing world.

Enforced population control measures, including sterilization often act selectively against women and have also resulted in atrocious rates of female abortion and infanticide, particularly in China, India and Korea. Education, and empowerment of women are the key to informed, voluntary non-destructive population abatement.


Religion and the Patriarchy

While biodiversity genocide is in full swing, the patriarchal religions stand silent, because they are all tainted with the view of dominion over nature inherited from the Fall. This silence is evidence of deep complicity of religion in the plight our planet now faces.

"Who is to blame for the crisis we face? First and foremost, I accuse the religious leaders of the world. They have fed mankind with with the dangerous myth that humanity is somehow above nature and that it is our god-given right to hold dominion over the Earth and subdue it. In many cases, they have actively encouraged over-population and have gone out of their way to prevent family-planning schemes They are a disgrace." - Desmond Morris.

The reason for this is a deep confusion between God and the male spermatogenic imperative. While the major religions purport to offer a God which is manifest in every flower and every tree, in fact they are acting as agents of male reproductive rights. All the features of population explosion, resource exploitation, exponential economic growth fantasy, and environmental overshoot to the point of irreversible damage are simple manifestations of the spermatogenic reproductive imperative operating in the absence of a compensating feminine nurturing oogenic strategy of long-tern sustainable investment.

The reasons for this are ludicrously simple. Human social and intellectual evolution occurred through the dissonance of sexual paradox resulting from the gender complementation of gathering and hunting. The human cryptic oestrus, the privacy of human sex and many other aspects of human, and particularly female sexual evolution, attest to the relatively egalitarian relationship between the sexes we see manifest in the ancient bearers of the Rift Valley tradition, such as the !Kung today; one in which both male polygyny and a consistent degree of clandestine female adultery are endemic and central to our evolutionary emergence.

With the establishment of urban cultures, a new pattern of cultural gender repression began, based on male reproductive insecurity and enforced by male rule of law and frank militarization. Women, over a period of time, became sequestered in the home, in the fields, in harems, nunneries and brothels. When God gave Abraham the covenant of seed as the dust and as the stars in the sky, this was not the God of creation but the spermatogenic imperative speaking. The chador, female circumcision and the atrocities of infibulation, the repression of the daughters of al-Llah, and the Asherah, the evils of sex outside procreation, stoning the female for adultery, male prerogatives of divorce, the virginity of Mary, the killing of the girl child, all follow from the rule of the sperm.


The Christian church is divided between Catholics, who in addition to Abba and Christ, worship Mariam as the great mother has been worshipped since time immemorial, but banish women from the clergy, and protestants who sometimes admit women to the clergy but insist on a transcendent view of "God the father" which suppresses the feminine aspect of deity and the creative potential of nature in a divine order and a clockwork universe running down from the first creation, in which evolution cannot happen. At least the pope has had the perspicacity to acknowledge evolution. At worst we end up in a rapture in which nature will be shed as a husk as if the destruction were a mere prelude to the divine. At this point the very knowledge of good and evil has become our worst enemy - a combat myth between light and dark, leading only to an Armageddon we only narrowly avoided during the Biblical xenophobia of the Cold War.

The only consideration of rights to life are aimed at male control of female fertility and reproduction, not at the ecocentric rights of other species to exist. Genocide of the entire biosphere does not even rank as a sin. Contraception is opposed because sex is deemed only for procreation in an era of frankly exploding population, while abortion has become the subject of ritual murder in the name of religion in US clinic murders by Christian fundamentalists.

The biblical destiny of the Christian church is clearly to become the vehicle of the Tree of Life in the immortal age - the Transfoliation, to care for the Earth and replenish it, to reach with loving care into every ecosystem, and to teach that nature is sacred. This can occur only through spiritual democracy and the rescinding of church dogma, replacing religious authority with living conscience.

The severity of genetic holocaust requires that the church now literally become the ark of the covenant with nature - a true Noah's ark - in which we preserve as much of the immortal living garment of diversity as we can while there is still time. It is time to replant the sacred groves in the greening of eschatology. This is the sacred fulfilment of every Christian, every Jew, every Muslim, every Hindu, every Buddhist, Taoist, Shaman and every follower of spirituality on this planet.

It is meet that after two millennia of domination by Father, Son and Holy Ghost that there are initiatives under way to give Mariam and the feminine aspect divine recognition, but it is sheer fantasy to declare a specific role to Mary as intermediary between God and humanity. Both Magdalen and Jesus' mother Mariam were free women. The parthenos was almah. Magdalen was a priestess of the seven familiars and pronounced the exaltation. She is the source and destiny of Christianity. She was first overthrown by Peter and centuries later by a circumcised virgin designed to protect male reproductive imperatives over the free woman. She is but the shadow of Artemis resurrected from Ephesus and, in her mother image, Isis of Byblus.

Since the discovery of the ovum two centuries ago, the notion of the virgin birth has become ludicrous because male sperm is no longer the complete seed. Therefore God, in replacing Joseph, did not complete the conception. Mariam, according to the Talmud was descended from princes and consorted with carpenters and a Roman, one Pantera by name. In truth Mariam and Christos are coeval archetypal figures of the human stream of consciousness. They can never be chaperoned into the idolistic fantasy roles Catholicism has assigned to either of them.

"I was set up from everlasting
from the beginning or ever earth was"

I ask the Catholic church to open to the flood tide of the feminine: to accept not just the virgin intermediary but the "free woman" even with "seven familiars" and to bring women into all levels of the church by an open process of consensus. The hierarchy of religious authority needs also to be balanced by the soul of the nabi and prophetess - free people who hold religion and science alike to account, both for religious dogma and for scientific irresponsibility.

Parousia is the time to finally bring Jesus down from the Cross of Torment. Only by celebrating the descent from the cross can we erase this millennial heritage of guilt and violence that has marred Christianity from alpha to omega.

"to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning"

Jesus was named the Bridegroom in the light of the sacred marriage:

"as a bridegroom decketh himself with ornaments"

I t is now finally time to celebrate the sacred marriage of the Bridegroom with the Bride, so that the birth of true fertility can finally be consummated, to appreciate the beauty of the Song of Songs, to receive the Bride, and realize she is not merely the Christian church but the immortal feminine principle manifest in every flower and every tree - the cytoplasmic inheritance of the body.

Bottom Line:
The Pope has declared the millennium to be an occasion to right the sins of the Church ... I applaud this and request the following:


Muhammad was a great prophet and Islam carries the prophetic tradition a step forward from Christianity. Islam is in many ways a purer religion than the idolistic worship of Jesus and Mary, which Muhammad rightly commented upon with concern, and rightly named Jesus as one in a line of human prophets. Many of Muhammad's statements were inspired, but his inspiration according to al Tabari was amended in the attempt to remove his acknowledgement of the three daughters of al-Llah as intermediaries from the Qur'an which has become notorious as the satanic verses.

Muhammad did not enter Mecca through jihad but through the Sakina of Hudaybiyah and through the spirit of religious toleration of the Haj that welcomed all spiritual seekers in a spirit of non-violence and saw 360 images in the Ka'aba including pictures of Jesus and Mariam. Neither can Islam rule the world or nature through jihad or a shariat of religious inflexibility and gender intolerance. Just as the crusades were a failure and offence to Saladin, so jihad is an offence to world peace. Islam has violated the spirit of religious tolerance in appropriating the ancient Haj for itself alone.

While Islam often claims to protect the interests of women, history tells otherwise. Please recognise that the apocalypse is the bridal unveiling. This means the end of men demanding the chador or burqah. If the female wishes to wear a veil to protect herself from molestation by men, or as an expression of her cultural tradition, that is her prerogative, but let no man henceforth do anything to sequester the female, to tell her how to dress or how to vote, or whether or not her face or body should be covered. Cast no more stones against the female, nor any other method of killing or dismemberment.. You are all guilty of blasphemy against the Almighty. It is essential for the survival of this planet that the female must be free at all times and in all places to do as she is want, starting with the women of Daws, as Muhammad prophesied.

The Qur'an says Isa is surely a knowledge of the hour. No other person is specifically so-mentioned except al-Llah. Therefore do not seek to harm the messenger, as Jesus was harmed and killed, or you will reap the grim harvest, for your actions will be demonstrated in history to be hubris in the face of God to your bane. Respect the work that is to be done in the name of Sakina. By the time you read this, there can be no turning back, because others will have also realized the truth in this very communication. The truth which fertilizes cannot die.

Sharia is not the Qur'an and even the Qur'an must be subject to reflection and critical scrutiny. To align church and state into one monolith is an offence to the freedom of informed society, the diversity of the divine within each and every one of us, and a continuing threat to the future unfolding, which is spontaneously creative and shall never conform to religious edict.

Scepticism is the foundation of science and satire the foundation of true religion. To cast a fatwa of death for shining a mirror upon the satanic verses is hubris, an offence to al-Llah and al-Lat alike. The satanic verses are your Achilles heel. The place of violent injustice to the female for which your tradition stands vulnerable and guilty. Is idolatry or blasphemy worse than a death sentence for representing God or for testing the veracity of belief with satire? Isa himself was accused of blasphemy unto death and he comes in your own tradition to perform Requital. The fatwa is your bane and your scourge.

Bottom Line:

Judaism and Zion

Christianity has in many ways been a bane to Judaism and particularly to the Pharisaic tradition, which has always been a vehicle of social conscience to its people, and has in no way been responsible for Jesus' sacrificial death. The Christian church is only now making an apology for two millennia of frank persecution and for complicity in the holocaust, within three years of the second millennium, a time shorter even than Jesus mission in John. This is too little, too late and deserves a deeper acknowledgement.

"To appoint unto them that mourn in Zion"

Like Christianity, Judaism two millennia later still awaits the fulfilment of the messianic hope. The basis of such a messiah is not the exclusiveness of race, nor the Hellenistic vision of Christ as man-God, but long-term future goodness and real social salvation. The messiah is the circumcised one who can deliver the goods. Just as Jesus became a Jewish cultural emigrant, fulfilment of the messianic hope lies in the return of the nations to Zion. Such a gathering can occur only through an acknowledgement on both sides, both of the unique tradition of Eden contained in the scripture, and of the essential oneness of all peoples. It is thus meet that the messiah of Israel should be a circumcised gentile Hapiru "and their seed shall be known among the Gentiles," just as Jesus was the lost messiah, a Jew who became messiah of the Gentiles. This is the nature of reunion in the Requital - your fulfilment but also the ultimate poetic irony.

You have been factually at war for every day except the first day your new nation existed. The mourning will not stop until you have reconciliation. You still stand a nation whose sacred marriage with the land and her people is unconsummated, because, despite diaspora and holocaust, you do not recognise the self in your other - that you have made the Palestinians Hapiru - outsiders in their own land. Only by Requital can your destiny be completed. You cannot "eat the riches of the Gentiles" while you indulge in "robbery for burnt offering". You cannot be acknowledged as the priests and priestesses of the path of Eden until "in their [the Gentiles] glory" you can claim just credit. Sakina is your opportunity for true reconciliation with your Palestinian partners. It is a profound spiritual honour that destiny has chosen you as the people of Eden to celebrate the sacred marriage of the biosphere in your holy city. In this sense, if you receive the nations with openness, you shall indeed become "priests" and priestesses "of the Lord" because you carry the tradition of the fall and its very Requital.

In return, I invite back to join you all the nations of Earth to celebrate their sacred marriage to the land, Terra, Gaia, "or ever Earth was" in each and every one of us undoing the Fall and again receiving the immortal fruit of Eve and of the Tree of Life - in the return of the Shekhinah to dwell again among us. In doing so, I am also bringing the Christian church back to its origins in at-one-ment.

Bottom Line:

The Prophecy of the Tree of Life - The final chapter Revelation 22 .

And he shewed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb. In the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the river, was there the tree of life, which bare twelve manner of fruits, and yielded her fruit every month: and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.