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 Christine Fielder is a mother and social researcher with an interest in literature, art and culture, the way biology interacts with behavior, and issues affecting the status of women and reproduction. She has spent time as a teacher in a remote area school and had a key role in raising several children in a cooperative conservation community. She has also travelled in South East Asia, China, Europe and America.

Chris King is a father and biocosmologist, at the University of Auckland, with an interest in edge of chaos dynamics, quantum reality and their applications to the neurodynamics of consciousness. He also has an interest in how cultural traditions relate to impacts on biodiversity, and how the sexual relationship effects these attitudes. He has travelled widely in South East Asia, China, India, the Middle East, Europe, the US and Central and South America including biodiveristy studies in the Amazon basin. He hosted a millennial rite of passage for sexual reunion on the Mount of Olives for Millennium Eve and produced several music albums and videos. He is currently a member of the Mathematics Department at the University of Auckland NZ.   Research papers   Audio and Video Productions